Improving powder processing equipment selection

Experts have identified easily measurable powder properties that can be used to predict screw feeder performance for any given powder

Offline coding for clear consistent 2D codes

Richard Pether explains why sometimes it simply makes sense to code offline, even for highly automated manufacturing and packing operations

New agitator bead mill

ALPHA has a self-supporting grinding chamber, which ensures good accessibility to the grinding area during operation and maintenance

Identify and achieve potential energy savings

COPA-DATA brings zenon Energy Data Management System to the market

Filter technology guards against mussel infestation

Reduces the biofouling danger in pipe systems and extends maintenance intervals of machines such as heat exchangers

Identifying potential problems in combustion equipment

Global Heat Transfer now offers the installation, maintenance, service and repair of combustion and plant equipment

Measuring vapour permeability

System measures permeability of almost any material against virtually any gas - from water vapour to hydrocarbons and from solvents through to hydrogen, oxygen and CO2

Cost-effective solutions for bulk solids handling

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology helps industry to get powders and bulk materials to behave predictably through processes

Engineering survey reveals scale of UK gender pay gap

Women are achieving median salaries around 28 per cent less than men (£43,000 versus £60,000) over the course of their careers

Cleanroom consumable expenditures to reach $7.5bn in 2015

Operators of cleanrooms, including those manufacturing pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, aseptically packaged food, flat panels and solar cells, will spend $7.5 billion next year for consumables which are specifically designed for ultraclean applications. 

This is the most recent forecast in the McIlvaine report World Cleanroom Markets.

Conveyor chains guarantees safe transportation

Can be used in automation, logistics systems, packaging, manufacturing of food and bakery products, pharmaceuticals and automotive industry

Spill-free connections

Action-Sealtite adds 3-in Full Port Poly Dry-Mate to its dry-disconnect range

Hygienic process valves

Food and beverage, dairy, bio-processing, pharmaceuticals are applications where aseptic and hygienic conditions are required and cleanability is paramount

Multi-protocol wireless adaptor

Enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as ISA100 Wireless devices

Accurate control of high value ingredients

Typical applications include feeding jet mills, continuous extrusion processes, micro ingredient batching

Electromagnetic flow meters re-designed for even greater accuracy and convenience

ZMAG suit applications throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Dry pumps improve energy efficiency and lower costs

Dry pumps have no lubricants under vacuum, eliminating the need for regular oil changes, reducing maintenance and environmental impact

Simple function test will save lives

Carrying out a function test to make sure portable gas detection equipment is working properly in any process environment is relatively easy to do and takes only a few seconds

Rugged transmitters offer pressures up to 6000 bar

Engineers can take out sensor drift or any residual pressures in the system





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