Harder, better, faster, stronger?

There will always be a case for human intervention in customer service, but there is no denying the potential of artificial intelligence in this sector. Roxanne Abercrombie explains how AI is changing customer service

Empowering customer service agents

There is a clear link between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Howard Williams looks at how happier call centre agents make for happier and more loyal customers

How can businesses boost profits with software?

Software has come a long way since the early project management programs of the 80s. Howard Williams examines how modern business software can be used to boost business profits

The death of the call centre?

Stephen Parker examines the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence in the services sector and whether call centre agents should fear the threat of automation

Live chat is no longer a business luxury

By the year 2020, retail expenditure in the UK is predicted to grow by 45%. Howard Williams discusses the emergence of live chat software

The evolution of the intelligent assistant

We've all had some sort of experience with an intelligent assistant. However, this technology is not just for novelty consumer use. Roxanne Abercrombie explains the role of intelligent assistants for businesses

Generation Z vs the machine

Stephen Parker discusses the fear of automation and explains how businesses can use technology to enhance jobs rather than replace them




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