Optimising power plant efficiency by measuring silica

Pierre Guillou and Katrien Verhassel look at the problem of silica contamination in power plant water systems

High definition simulators impact operational excellence

Using an operator training simulator to improve knowledge and further develop skills is truly ‘practicing for perfection’

Staffing optimisation - the increasing dependence on contracted labour

Power plant owners are increasingly relying on third party manpower suppliers during periods of peak demand. Markus Keller reports

Mobile access system for essential maintenance

Bespoke mobile access systems were built to allow contractors to carry out essential maintenance work at power station

Rising oil prices force harder focus on biofuels

As oil prices rise, biofuels are attracting ever more investment. The challenge now is to be able to extract enough oil from them at a price that is competitive enough to make commercial production viable. Sean Ottewell reports.




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