Final turbine installed at Hornsea One

World’s largest offshore wind farm nears completion​

Arklow Bank Wind Park update

This is the latest from the Irish wind farm project

New accommodation unit at Borkum Riffgrund 2

German North Sea venture set to power nearly half a million homes

Pump technology installs wind turbine foundations

Borkum Riffgrund 2 off the German coast takes another step toward powering up

Catapult collaboration sparks offshore infrastructure R&D

The Universities of Strathclyde and Manchester join 5 year £3 million effort to improve offshore wind technology

Novel air bubble curtain for large marine projects

This reduces noise pollution under water

Lifted aboard for an offshore adventure

Custom structure is set to provide cover for wind turbine blade improvement and upgrade work

Scotland’s largest offshore wind test site generates first power

EOWDC turbine exports power to National Grid as commissioning continues

Final turbine successfully installed for EOWDC

Rapid installation of suction bucket jacket foundation marks offshore wind industry first for the Scottish project

Research collaboration to accelerate wind turbine design

Testing to take place at a 15MW power train test facility in North East England

Blue Hammer: Making Wind Turbine Installation Quieter

This could reduce underwater noise levels by up to 20 dB and potentially reduce the fatigue damage on the pile by up to 90%

Wind turbine maintenance package launch

This is all about prediction

Cable protection innovations showcased

Subsea specialist holding live events to demonstrate cable protection systems (CPS)




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