Mobile pump possibilities

Roger Willis reports on how the latest in pump technology is meeting the performance optimisation demands of a leading personal hygiene product manufacturer

Uninterrupted pump operation

A progressing cavity pump in a remote oilfield provides a constant delivery rate regardless of the product viscosity

Support network

Install smart and durable pumping systems to keep your operation running safely and efficiently, says John Dean

Reliable sludge removal for water jet cutting

A compelling case study that showcases how a robust rotary lobe pump can even pump highly abrasive residual water without any damage

Building mega pumps

Johann Vetter explains how giant progressing cavity pumps with capacities of up to 1,000m3/h are being designed and built

Difficult to convey

When it comes to conveying difficult substances cleanly, a positive displacement pump can be used to empty tankers without interruption

Multi-screw pumps added to portfolio

Suitable for lubricating and non-lubricating substances to be transferred at high pressures up to 80 bar and temperatures up to 300°C

Progressing cavity pumps

Roger Willis describes how progressing cavity pumps dose a wide variety of auxiliary substances in extractive metallurgy

Pumps: Rising to the challenge

From fine paper coating to high-viscosity paint, materials for surface coating represent extreme challenges to pump technology, explains Roger Willis

New screw pumps launched

Suitable for non-lubricating substances at high pressures up to 80 bar and temperatures up to 300°C

Low-maintenance solution to pumping mine slurry

A gold and silver mining operation in Mexico turned to Netzsch for a low-maintenance solution to pumping slurry with a high concentration of minerals

New standard wins recognition

The pump cover of the entire pump chamber is easy to open and thereby facilitates convenient access from flange to flange

Maintaining pumps with minimum effort

Netzsch has developed the Full Service in Place (FSIP) concept for pump systems

Specialised pumps

Netzsch has developed a range of specialised progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps for the various fields of application in the oil and gas industry

Rotary lobe pumps help to reduce downtime

Michael Groth reveals how rotary lobe pumps are improving operations at a wastewater treatment plant in the USA

Custom diluent injection pumps

Thomas Böhme shares a case study that showcases a smart solution devised for a major energy transporter

Pumps in the mining industry

NEMO progressive cavity pumps are suited to the transport of abrasive and viscous substances

Frost & Sullivan award goes to cavity pump expert

Global Product Leadership Award in Progressive Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas bestowed on Netzsch





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