Charging ahead

Alexander Heilmann details some innovative automatic battery charging systems

Solar power cable

High mechanical strength is enhanced by irradiation cross-linking of insulation materials

Connector solutions for the rail industry

CT-HE connector is suitable for battery modules in slide-in systems with more than 100,000 mating cycles

PCB fork plugs for rugged slide-in modules

The vibration-resistant plug can be used in temperatures ranging from -55˚C to +125˚C

Modular connector system expands

Multi-Contact adds 10 Gbit module to the CombiTac modular connector system for CAT6A high-speed Ethernet communication

New solution for connection monitoring

The new CT-LMFB is used for monitoring purposes and indicates whether the connector is fully connected

Modular system equipped for 10Gbit Ethernet

For industrial applications such as data communication from machines/equipment to manufacturing control networks, machineto-machine communications

Last-mate first-break module for connector range

Applications include monitoring and control functions in industry, automation and mechanical engineering

High performance edge connectors

Slimline PV-JB/BF junction box can be mounted on the edge of the panel without obscuring any solar cells

Single cable receptacle for robot welder connectors

The RobiFix B-ID range from Multi-Contact can house male or female connectors for spot welding applications

Plug connectors for high-voltage components

There are a number of applications in which plug connectors are preferable to screw connectors, says Multi-Contact

Connector system available in corrosion resistant plastic housings

Can be fitted with any combination of high voltage, high current, data, fibre optic, power, thermocouple and coaxial contacts

Better connected

With Multi-Contact’s modular connector system, CombiTac, different types of contacts may be combined as needed

Safety socket for perpendicular mounting on PCBs

Directly soldered onto the PCB via round 2 mm pins, it has a fixed 4 mm diameter socket to accept spring-loaded plugs with a rigid insulating sleeve

Modular connectors for harsh environments

Robust and reliable connectors from Multi-Contact

Battery pack connector meets rail industry standards

Fully compliant with rail standards including EN 50467 and EN 61373, as well as fire and smoke standard EN 45545-2

New high current PV connector

Power losses minimised with new solution from Multi-Contact

Inbuilt connectors added to junction boxes

New PV junction boxes from Multi-Contact come equipped with inbuilt connectors

New earth-bonding hinges

Earth-bonding hinges remove the need for earthing straps

No blackouts with mobile storage solution

Could offer a flexible solution to support the existing supply network




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