Hydroacoustic technology used to monitor marine biodiversity

Hydroacoustic technology is being used to further scientific research into protecting marine ecosystems

Remote data manager for process instruments

Siemens is launching the Sitrans RD500 remote data manager that integrates web access, alarm event handling and data capture for process instruments

Making rapid prototyping pay dividends in full

The very nature of rapid prototyping can make managing projects difficult. An increasing number of designers are using software configuration management (SCM) to deal with the vast volumes of code and other data involved, as Tony Smith explains

New USB data acquisition module suits 19-inch or portable applications

Data Translation's new DT 9824USB-powered data acquisition module features four galvanically isolated differential inputs, each with a 24-bit A/D converter

Environmental sampling: evaluating your future

Flexitallic Ltd outlines how to identify, correct and eliminate potential microbiological concerns prior to product adulteration in foods

Scientists suggest independent monitoring of deep sea hydrocarbon industry

Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico underscores need for independent monitoring of the ecological effects

Power producers invest for a mixed fuel future

South American power producers are investing heavily in new technology, both to enable them to swap quickly between different fossil fuels and to improve their hydropower performance





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