A life aquatic: ensuring marine diversity

Richard Foote investigates the role of marine biologists in offshore energy developments

Measuring process humidity for optimal product quality

Polyacrylamide drying is a complex process, which demands strictly regulated humidity and temperature conditions. Senja Paasimaa outlines how one company tackled these challenges

Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters for depths of 200m

New from Impress Sensors and Systems is the SDI-12L range of submersible level transmitters that are manufactured from stainless steel or marine-bronze

AC drive controls multiple pumps

WEG's new CFW-08 Multi-pump AC drive can be used with up to four pumps, enabling energy to be saved and pressure control to be improved

Warehouse overload protection device

HBM's new VKIA405 digital amplifier protects warehouse storage areas from overloading by monitoring signals from up to four analogue load cells

Multi-billion dollar investment spurs US transition to smart energy grid

A US$3.4b (EUR2.32b) investment in the US smart energy grid is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs, save energy and empower all electricity users to cut their bills. Sean Ottewell reports.

Centralised management of production devices

HBM is launching the DeviceTypeManager for use with its Digiclip amplifiers, providing centralised control for all devices and improved asset management

Load measuring pins compete with standard products

Applied Measurements is offering custom load measuring pins with prices and lead times that are similar to those for standard products

Electro-deionisation modules help remove contaminants

Dr Michael Strahand looks at the requirement for chlorine control in continuous electro-deionisation modules and provides a review of methods of chemical control in ultrapure water loops

Safety light curtains are easy to specify and install

Leuze Electronic is launching new multiple light-beam safety devices with a range of optional functions such as muting

Get smart and cut energy costs with integrated motor controls

Ian Heathcock believes this is where the integration of smart motor controls (MCCs) into a process automation system can play a vital role in energy conservation strategy

Electro-deionisation modules remove common contaminants

Dr Michael Strahand looks at the requirement for chlorine control in continuous electro-deionisation modules and provides a review of methods of chemical control in ultrapure water loops

IO-Link adapter connects standard sensors to IO-Link

Siemens is launching the Simatic PX130C adapter that connects standard devices to IO-Link systems, incorporating signal conditioning, diagnostics and other functions

Compact motor controllers save energy

Extremely compact, Leroy-Somer's new Digistart motor starters and controllers also give a four per cent reduction in energy consumption at steady state

US refineries commitment to safety called into question

A spate of serious accidents at US refineries has led to a renewed call for a commitment to safe operations from operators. Sean Ottewell reports

Fault diagnostics in gas turbines

Condition monitoring of the gas path of gas turbines, whether it be in the airline, marine or stationary (electricity or mechanical drives) business, plays an important part in the plant operator's performance and profitability

3D digital versatility enhances design of subsea control systems

3D digital prototyping cuts time-to-market for subsea control systems

Corrosion and fatigue: new ways of warding off old enemies

Materials used for structures in offshore have two main enemies: corrosion and fatigue. Dr David Greenfield and Dr Chris Sammon discuss research into these twin foes

Increasing array of 4D kit as the market shows steady growth

Since 4D and related systems came into use in the mid-1990s, there has been a steady growth in the market and growing array of kit and techniques designed to improve data quality and therefore provide better reservoir management tools. Jeremy Cresswell reports

Reservoir characterisation: microseismics now a key tool

William Wills looks at the increasing use of passive seismic and microseismic monitoring within the oil and gas industry





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