Level measurements: non-contact sensors mounted outside vessel

Sensortechnics is introducing the CLC series non-contact capacitive sensors that can be mounted outside a vessel to measure the level of almost any substance

Compressed air: saving a packet at corrugated packaging plant

A packaging processor has reduced energy costs by over 27 per cent on compressed air

Building automation: centralised control of single or multi-sites

A specialised facilities monitoring system aims to cut building management costs

ST launches world's thinnest accelerometer

LIS302DLH is a high-performance high-stability 16-bit device that is only 0.75mm high

Wireless microcontroller technology plays key role in energy efficiency

System helps reducing business’ heavy electricity consumption levels; it has allowed the management to do in depth analysis of electricity consumption throughout the day

Safety unit combines multiple functions

New from Euchner is the modular Multifunctional Gate Box system that incorporates an evaluation module, safety switch, bolt and door-locking mechanism

Vibration sensor offers extended operating temperature range

New Metrix 5485C velocity sensors feature a 'zero friction' suspension arrangement for measuring vibration accurately in temperatures from -54 to 375 degrees C

Industrial displays benefit from wider viewing angles

Two new displays from Hitachi offer wide viewing angles, excellent contrast and a high-brightness, dimmable LED backlight

Data management software gains additional features

NI Diadem 11.1, a new release of National Instruments' software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data, is now more powerful

Monitor surface deformation with Earth-orbiting satellites

Alessandro Ferretti and Brian Young look at how the permanent scatterer technique is being used to measure surface deformation.

Seismic fleet targets 3D and 4D high-end surveys

Responsible exploration of new frontiers is made possible with the latest maritime advances. Christian Fenwick reports

Adapt and innovate to survive impact of the financial crisis

Dr Neil Grosse looks at how the financial crisis that has impacted all areas of the global economy, not least the seismic and hydrographic industry.

AUV supports environmental monitoring, wide area surveys

Carl-Marcus Remén reports on a new generation of autonomous underwater vehicles in the international oil and gas market.

Sonar surveys play key role in South Australia port development

Tom Hiller reports on how wide swath bathymetric sonars are being used for regular hydrographic port surveys

Lab and online analytics for power generation plants

Katrien Verhassel, Sarah Blayds and Ralf Koening explore the latest in laboratory and online analytics for power generation applications

Accurate gas analysis drives process efficiency

Being able to accurately measure the presence of gases is crucial to the success of any process. The latest monitoring technologies are particularly focused on hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide

Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 reduces downtime

New from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 will help users to avoid equipment failures and, therefore, minimise downtime and costs

Drive for machine delivers on speed, simplicity and safety

Jussi Rantanen reports on a new machinery drive that is one of the easiest and fastest on the market to install, set parameters and commission

Condition monitoring units provide sensing solution

Martin Cuthbert reviews a recently launched series of intelligent, industrial, hydraulic sensors. These user-friendly units combine sensing technology for flow and temperature and a built-in display as well as analogue signal output and optional switches

Power supply for high-performance X-ray applications

Output voltage is 0 to 70kV at 0 to 1mA and maximum output power is 70W; 5.5VDC, 3.5A grounded filament power supply





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