Ethernet routing switch for extreme environments

Initially developed for bespoke mission critical applications in the defence, rail, aerospace and sub-sea markets

Advanced solutions key to creating competitive advantage

For process plants to run at maximum efficiency, there has to be seamless information transfer during the design, construction and operation phases. Tobias Scheele highlights one important optimisation solution

Securing integrated Scada systems against cyber attacks

Failure to protect a plant's Scada system from the threat of cyber attack can have big security implications. Paul Hurst discusses the protection options

Modelling transformers for high-voltage power distribution

Dr Beriz Bakija discusses the benefits of modelling, designing and testing transformers

Revamps of power projects are now key to automation contracts

Although some greenfield power projects are still proceeding, revamps are dominating the project scene in 2009, especially migrations from old technology and the installation of self-organising wireless networks

Improving pH control and compliance in water effluents

One of the world's leading coin and blank manufacturers has invested in advanced pH control technology in order to meet tough environmental standards and improve efficiency. Garry Tabor, Andy Dargue, and Graham Hartry explain

Tackling endocrine disrupting chemicals

Chemically-disrupted water streams are causing an increase of 'intersex' fish. Peristaltic technology is addressing water pollution problems

Regulatory enforcement drives continuous emission monitors

Tighter legal and environmental regulations are ensuring that the chemical companies remain in the market for the latest continuous emissions monitoring systems

Silica analyser helps reduce your plant costs

The new Polymetron 9210 silica analyser can detect early stages of resin saturation due to its low 0.5ppb detection limit

Health monitoring systems are key to the modern plant

Monitoring is fundamental to modern plant asset management within the power generation industries

Optimising electricity supply to boost efficiency and reliability

Macao's sole electricity generator is investing heavily in the latest transformer segregation alarm and outage management systems as it strives to improve supply reliability

New method monitors critical bacteria in wastewater treatment

Sudden changes in bacterial health are time consuming to detect, but can have a catastrophic effect on water treatment processes. US researchers have developed a new monitoring technique that gives instant results.

Affordability, portability and precision key to thermal imaging

The latest thermal imagers focus on affordability, portability and the sort of precision you would normally expect to find with more advanced solutions.

System migration: make sure you improve control, not just replicate

Ian Heathcock looks at the market drivers that are forcing businesses to confront system migration as a reality; what companies need to consider before making the leap and highlights some of the key principles to ensuring a smooth control system migration

Continuous monitoring of liquids for efficient control

A novel spectrophotometric technique that allows the continuous monitoring of liquid concentrations has won a prestigious innovation award. Sean Ottewell reports

Robust future for low voltage ac and dc drives market

Despite the current economic downturn, the market for low voltage ac and dc motor drives remains robust. It is a similar story for the higher voltage market with 2009 already seeing a number of new product launches aimed at the process industries.

Process analysers - pushing for the standardisation of devices

Oliver Schmitt, founder member of the OPC Foundation's Analyser Device Integration working group and Business Line Manager with Malvern Instruments, looks at what lies behind this initiative.

Test system for conducted and radiated immunity

Teseq NSG 4070 offers test frequency range, from 9kHz to 1GHz and its modular set-up, make it suitable for a wide variety of test applications

UPS protection for oil and gas platform off the South African coast

Unlike diesel back-up generators, UPS provide 100 per cent ‘instant’ continuity of supply, says Carter Sullivan

Chlorine analyser eliminates pH sampling systems and reagents

Built-in pH compensation in a virtually plumb-and-play design that make it ready to go right out of the box





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