Dual encoder to USB converter allows PC access to encoder data

Suitable for system setup and debugging, data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and PC based control applications, says BEI Industrial Encoders

Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

pH monitoring system with online calibration capability

Designed for use in all industrial and municipal applications including wastewater treatment, breweries, dairies and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sulphur in auto oils and fuels: monitoring to global standards

Taco van der Maten outlines a new technology that is making it easier to ensure compliance with the relevant standards for sulphur in automotive fuels

Spot oil spills and leaks with the help of colour coded bacteria

Pollution testing using bacteria is proving to be remarkably robust and reliable. It also does away with the need for noxious chemicals

HMIs with wide-ranging industrial Ethernet support

The HMIs have their own visualisation software and are suitable for simple operating and monitoring tasks in all kinds of processes

Self-aligning bearings cope with axial displacement

SKF is launching a self-aligning bearing system that uses a toroidal roller bearing and a spherical roller bearing to avoid problems with axial displacement

DC drive expanded up to 1850A

Sprint Electric is expanding its range of digital DC drives and now offers models rated from 12 up to 1850A.

Precision microwave radar-based wave and sea level sensor

Hazardous zone rated, requires no re-calibration and only minimal service attention, making it a suitable sensor for wave monitoring applications

Safety light curtains are easier to integrate

Sick says its new C4000 light curtain is easier to install than conventional muting light curtains thanks to intelligent beam monitoring

Digital valve control goes wireless

Valve actuation specialist Rotork is extending the capabilities of the Pakscan digital control system with the addition of a wireless option

Coriolis metering solution to measurement of bunker fuel

Coriolis metering is at the heart of a research project that aims to develop an irrefutable bunker fuel oil measurement technique

Bitumen companies go wireless to monitor production facilities

Bitumen often poses storage and handling problems. Here, Sean Ottewell reports on two Australian companies who are tackling these by turning to wireless communication solutions

Multi-axis control module speeds time to market

With its ease of configuration and reduced wiring requirement, Festo's new CPX-CMXX intelligent multi-axis control module will help OEMs to build machines faster

Circular connectors are more compact

ITT Interconnect Solutions is introducing smaller, lighter circular connectors for medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications

Adhesives selected or designed in pre-shaped configurations

Multi-Seals Inc sealing services are suitable for companies that do not have the equipment to cure adhesive

Ultrasonic flowmeter is now available with a stainless steel sensor

The stainless steel version is available in the two sensor types, small and medium (DN 15 to DN 400), and is operated in reflex mode (V-mode)

ROV operates at depth of 3000msw

Fear of catastrophic system failure has been overcome through the Jaguar’s dual-redundancy, says Saab Seaeye

Module simplifies implementation of Zigbee

A new module from IDC enables machine builders and OEMs to add Zigbee networking capability easily, quickly and cost-effectively

Image sensor scans at 40,000 lines per second

New InGaAs linear image sensors and a multichannel detector head from Hamamatsu Photonics suit high-speed near-infrared inspection applications





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