Gas sensors improve monitoring and detection

Applications include leak detection in refrigeration and gas systems and solvent detection in air-conditioning systems

Medically certified 300W external power supplies

Intended to power a range of hospital, dental and healthcare products for monitoring, imaging and diagnostic applications

Multi-protocol sub-GHz wireless transceivers target IoT

Transceivers are aimed at battery powered applications such as home and building automation, smart metering as well as asset tracking and monitoring

Multiphase flow meter

Roxar MPFM 2600 M gives customers flexible, easy and cost-effective monitoring

Monitoring water quality in urban supply networks in real time

Data is then sent out continuously and automatically from a terminal processing all the information and warns the water supplier of possible incidents

Infrared cameras for monitoring manufacturing operations

Regulations exist in most industrialised countries that specify thousands of inspection points around a manufacturing operation and how often they must be monitored

Relieving the pressure of fleet management

The in-cab TPMS displays real time information about the pressure of a vehicles tyres, warning the driver of potentially dangerous situations

Socket range with surface mount and locking versions

Typical applications for locking power connections include point of sale, medical, data, monitoring, emergency lighting

Last-mate first-break module for connector range

Applications include monitoring and control functions in industry, automation and mechanical engineering

Particulate pollution meter

Suitable for monitoring pollution in burning plants, petrochemical facilities, thermal power plants, mining facilities, metal refineries

Top 10 cyber security vulnerabilities for the oil and gas industry

Risk-based approach to monitoring allows companies to identify the threats to and vulnerabilities of assets and operations

Silica supervisors

Reliable silica monitoring supports power station efficiency, explains Alan Mortensen

Monitoring: take a direct approach

Inline process monitoring directly in the extruder by measuring colour using UV-VIS spectrophotometers. By Fuat Eker

Submersible level transmitters

Suitable for lift stations, wet wells, tanks, ponds, municipal water and wastewater, and other monitoring requirements

Maximising production efficiencies in food and beverage processing plants

By selecting, maintaining and monitoring critical components processing companies can improve their plant efficiencies, eliminate production downtime and increase the operating life and reliability of plant equipment, says Dr Steve Lacey

Mooring integrity monitoring

Effective monitoring and data management can provide information to help detect mooring line failure and assist with validation of mooring design strength and fatigue analyses. Rizwan Sheikh reports

Panel PC takes the heat

Moxa EXPC-1519 suitable for system control, operation, and monitoring in harsh, hot outdoor oil and gas fields and drilling platforms

Free data logging and monitoring software

Free of charge with the purchase of any of its Mantracourt T24 wireless sensor range

Continuous leak detection at vital installations

Monitoring is done from a safe distance without the need to send technicians into potentially dangerous areas

Preventing critical power loss

Targets applications including medical, data, monitoring, emergency lighting and equipment charging





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