More efficient mixing

Vincent Fleck details a solution for mixing big vessels better and more cost-effectively

Huge testing system for underground explosion prevention

Testing system will enable underground mining machines and devices to be tested for explosion safety

Mixer moves up and down

Vincent Fleck proposes a simple but extremely smart vertical mixing system for the homogenisation of suspensions, mashes and slurries

Precision mixing and diluting

Fluid control with ±1% precision for medical and analytical instrumentation

Two component metering, mixing and dispensing

Designed for use with two component materials, such as silver loaded conductive epoxies, silicones or polyurethanes

Aeration solution to improve water quality

Will help combat thermal stratification and increased levels of iron and manganese, a common issue for reservoirs and lakes during the summer months

Mixing is critical to process success

Mixing is a fundamental process operation, but how it is done has a critical effect on production - as the examples here highlight. Sean Ottewell reports




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