HMIs back-up/restore function enables fast PLC changeover

When downtime can cost thousands of pounds every hour, a faulty PLC can be a major problem

New flush-mount HMI

Provides a flush finish to the machine panel for a smarter, more stylish aesthetic

CHP station burns around 90,000 tonnes of biomass

Biomass-fired CHP station depends on PMSXpro process control system. Horst Endter reports

As tactile as a human

Handling solution from APT Automation uses Mitsubishi Electric SCARA robot

Robots lightweight for pick-and-place tasks

Manufacturing and packaging industries are incredibly competitive and this translates into demands for higher speeds and high reliability

Updating the process control technology for supplying water

Control substations which are manned during the day will be equipped with an operating and monitoring station

Top 10 reasons why you still need a PLC

Despite the emergence of alternative control solutions, the popularity of the PLC endures. Hugh Tasker offers 10 reasons why you still need a PLC

Asset optimisation for AMP6

Adoption of new technologies will be instrumental in meeting AMP 6 targets, as Jeremy Shinton explains

Keeping up with demand for water

Consumers generally take their water supply for granted, giving barely a thought to how it is extracted, filtered and delivered. By John Browett

Medium voltage inverter

Modular concept of the MVe2’s design is carried through to the inverter stages, generating the further benefit that it can be specified for use with motors of different voltages

Co-ordinating virtual power plants

PMSXpro is certified to power plant standards and facilitates the reliable monitoring, operation and control of highly distributed systems

New industrial energy management system

Latest hybrid power source (HPS) energy management system can select best source while also reducing consumption by up to 30%

Compact HMI with advanced functionality

Display has the ability to display more than 65,000 colours, bringing new levels of realism to screen elements for enhanced usability

Industry 4.0: food for thought

Jeremy Shinton explains how food and drink manufacturers in particular can benefit from the implementation of Industry 4.0

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme: opportunity or more red tape?

There is a danger that The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme could prove to be nothing more than pointless and expensive red tape - but get it right and it will spur companies to greater energy efficiency and payback a worthwhile return on investment, says Jeremy Shinton

25 things you may not know about drives

Drives have been a key technology for industrial engineers for many years but Matt Handley thinks they can be underappreciated. Here he highlights some of the interesting facts about them

Robots are on the march

There have not been that many robots used in food processing industries to date but we are on the cusp of a sea change, says Chris Evans. Five years from now they will be very much the norm

Co-ordinating virtual power plants intelligently

Virtual power plants combine different sources of renewable energy. To guarantee a stable energy network, the relevant sources will be combined automatically based on availability

IP55 variant added to frequency inverters

Specially designed for harsh environments and tailored to the requirements of pumps and fans

High-speed contact image sensors announced

Monochrome versions operate at scan speeds of 1.8 m/s at 600 dpi, twice the speed of the colour models





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