New military battery

Lithium Thionyl Chloride unit is designed for remote sensing and surveillance applications

Traceable time stamps for data transported over packet networks

u-blox provides concurrent GNSS technology to timing synchronization system

How a vehicle’s function can affect its steering needs

Eric Sonahee explains the need to understand a vehicle’s function in order to ensure the right parts and systems are included in the design from the start

Rugged 10.1-in industrial-grade monitors

Suitable for use industry, military, marine, transportation, security/surveillance, aviation and inspection applications

Cybersecurity: learn the lessons

In order to better protect industrial control systems from cyber attacks, companies should take heed from the wise words of successful military tacticians

Battery fuel-gauging: clarity when it counts

Michele Windsor explains how inaccurate fuel gauging poses a big problem for portable military devices, where the repercussions are more severe than an inability to read e-mails on the go

Wide-temp rugged embedded boards perform 24/7

Support the extended temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C

Are we on the verge of a worldwide battery crisis?

Neil Oliver asks the question, who owns and controls the worldwide battery market and where is it heading?

No more wires

Small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance generating an analogue signal to enable measurement

12-pin power connectors optimised for harsh environment applications

Ruggedised devices provide superior resistance to industrial liquids, chemical substances and shock and vibration

Grey ZnNi shell plating on connectors

New grey zinc over electroless nickel ideal for marine, military and industrial applications

Rugged single board computer

Provides a protected processing environment and versatile on-board I/O enabling flexible design implementations

14nm technology to boost next generation FPGA performance

Adds registers throughout the routing fabric to provide faster links between logic blocks and more design optimisation options

COM-Express board taps 14nm processors for handheld market

Type 10 SOM-7568 module uses the latest Intel Pentium N3700, Celeron N3150 and Celeron N3000 single-chip processors, which are manufactured on new Intel14-nm process technology

Connectors for the military

Advanced Military Connector developed especially for military and security equipment manufacturers by ODU

Instant-development kit

Designed for use high-speed data communication, video capture and processing, high-performance computing, military and defence technologies, and testing and measurement

High input voltage DC-DC converters

Feature IP66-rated protection to suit extreme environments

Custom OEM inclination, acceleration and vibration sensors

For a variety of industry sectors such as rail, military, aerospace and defence, automotive, agricultural machinery, access platforms and off-highway vehicles

Cloning printed circuit boards

Cost-effective alternative to board re-design extends the life span of systems and devices





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