Ultra-low dropout 150mA regulator

Well-suited for use in various USB power, portable equipment, consumer, instrumentation and metering applications

Viscous resins … it’s flow time

When it comes to pumping and metering, viscous resins pose many challenges for the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy industries. It’s a tricky proposition to get absolutely right

Huge testing system for underground explosion prevention

Testing system will enable underground mining machines and devices to be tested for explosion safety

High-accuracy current transducers

Closed-loop fluxgate transducers measure DC, AC or pulsed current from 60 A up to 600A

Two component metering, mixing and dispensing

Designed for use with two component materials, such as silver loaded conductive epoxies, silicones or polyurethanes

Valveless micro-volume fluid control for catheter manufacturing and assembly

The PDS-100 is a programmable fluid metering and dispensing system which integrates Fluid Metering’s CeramPump valveless pump technology




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