Time-of-flight 3D vision

Chipset simplifies design of robust and future-proof solutions for automotive, industrial and smart cities

Current sensor aids shunt design

MLX91210 family supports both DC and AC current measurements, including precision current flow monitoring in power distribution units

Low noise single coil fan driver IC

Melexis’ MLX90297 has built-in current limiting functionality

Thermocouple interface IC plays integral role in greener cars

Increasing environmental concerns and ever more stringent legislation are driving the demand for more energy efficient vehicles

IR array offers expansive field of view

Factory calibrated to operate over a temperature range spanning -40°C to 85°C, this array can accurately measure object temperatures from -20°C to 300°

Camera sensor enhances automotive and surveillance safety

Melexis Launches MLX75411 Avocet 154dB High Dynamic Range Image Sensor




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