New PSU from Components Bureau

Unit has output voltages from 5-24V

How to plan for obsolescence in medical devices

Obsolescence management: A short-term cost with a long-term gain

Maximus Air and Chapman Freeborn deliver scanner to the Maldives

This is the first MRI machine at the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital

New cartridge valve is optimised for medical tech

Type 6164 features a cylindrical design with integrated fluid interfaces

Transducers wirelessly check torque

Medical manufacturer upgrades capping process

Walking Assist Device trial announced

Project to examine benefits for Parkinson's disease sufferers

New tiny sensors for medical markets

These are designed for endoscopes and when produced in volume will become single-use

Patent for surgical robot gains CE mark

New module makes frameless neurosurgery more accessible

Wearable sensors in healthcare

How to power the future MedTech devices

Why haemorrhage control matters in motorsport

Though thankfully rare, accidents do occur and swift action is sometimes vital

Increasing operational efficiency with contract packaging services

The argument for contract packaging in specialist medicine

Preparing for the surgical robot boom

Some thoughts on back up power for the increasingly complex world of operating theatres

MEMS in medicine

Harvard University is experimenting with ‘organs-on-chips’ to offer a potential alternative to traditional animal testing

Batteries: Growing German sector offers many opportunities

The growing German battery industry offers many opportunities, says Michele Windsor. Here, she looks at the key features of the industry

New versions of the world’s smallest SDP3x differential pressure sensor

Digital SDP32 and analogue SDP37 enable excellent accuracy in the bi-directional flow range of up to 125Pa

New solution for connection monitoring

The new CT-LMFB is used for monitoring purposes and indicates whether the connector is fully connected

Macro lens allows close-up imaging

Applications include medical technology, kiosk systems, surveillance, transportation and logistics




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