Modular electronic loads for power testing

Solution for testing of today’s sophisticated power supplies, batteries, LEDs, adaptors and converters

100W single output AC-DC power supplies

Meet the safety requirements for hospital, clinical, dental and home-based medical environments

Signal analysis for automotive radar testing

Rohde & Schwarz is now combining the ARTS turnkey radar target simulator from ITS and miro-sys with its FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser

UXA analyser delivers best phase noise to capture elusive signals

Keysight Technologies, the test and measurement spinoff from Agilent, has launched a new flagship signal analyser in its X-Series range. Nick Flaherty reports

On guard with electrical safety testers

Enable manufacturers to check their products in-house to ensure compliance with the relevant international technical conformance standards

Testing the output of LEDs

Provides improved control of the output of products under test, ensuring that quality control aspects are within acceptable limits

Vacuum transducers with EtherCAT

EtherCAT is currently the fasted industrial Ethernet technology and convinces with easy handling

50W power supply for low power applications

TDK-Lambda adds a further 50W power model to its RWS-B series of enclosed AC-DC single output power supplies

First VPX GSM monitoring receiver

Full global system for mobile communications spectrum monitoring targets homeland security, government and military applications

Exploring peak data rates of 10Gbit/s

National Instruments teams up with Nokia for high speed 5G wireless

Developing and testing displays in the blink of an eye

The new EA 9780-3USB test board allows a rapid start to be made on development projects involving displays of the EA DOG and EA eLABEL20 line

Software upgrade for advanced magnetic inspection

Inspection of permanent magnets in R&D, quality control, production of sensor systems, electric motors, medical devices and consumer electronics

165MHz real-time bandwidth for spectrum analysers

This bandwidth supports demanding applications such as high-margin, high accuracy WLAN 802.11ac characterisation and troubleshooting

Wireless temperature logging data acquisition

WiFi-501-TP is a battery-powered device and, when configured using typical sampling periods (eg once every 60 seconds), the sensor will operate for over one year

Temperature monitoring system supports rugged analogue communication

Highly reliable, versatile MI3 temperature measurement now with four analogue signal outputs

LVDTs suit applications requiring high-frequency response

RDP Electronics says that its LVDTs are able to respond to mechanical oscillations at up to 1kHz and have a lifetime that is effectively infinite

Optical strain gauges test composites over millions of cycles

HBM has improved its K-OP optical strain gauges so they are suitable for up to 10million test cycles with an alternating strain of +/-5.000um/m

Collect on-machine data for power, torque and speed

New kits from Datum Electronics enable engineers to collect power, torque and speed data from equipment during trials on when in use

Angular encoder operates in harsh environments

Zettlex's Incoder angular encoder is characterised by a flat, open construction and the ability to survive in harsh environments





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