Stockyard management for mines and power plants

New ABB system enables better on-site communication

Explosion protection: customised systems gain ground

The challenge that plant operators face is to identify the right explosion protection solution for each particular application

Sweet success

Pumps helps chocolatier resolve solids handling pumping issue

Dependable dosing

Wim van der Kolk presents a case study on an innovative dosing system for a range of viscosities

Mobile pump possibilities

Roger Willis reports on how the latest in pump technology is meeting the performance optimisation demands of a leading personal hygiene product manufacturer

Heating hoses for hot-melt adhesives

Poor or inexact maintenance of the adhesive's temperature can influence the application and its bonding strength immensely

New impact-resistant sight glass

Glass will be widely used in food, dairy and beverage hygienic processes to view products and fluids

Setting new standards in hoses

Willi Emde discusses standard-tested hoses for greater security in the operational process

Fast food pumping

Bredel CIP pumps to a global brand sauce and condiments manufacturing plant

Guiding industry

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how automated guided vehicles have advanced from simple materials handlers to intelligent autonomous robots

High angle conveyor

Transfers urea and amidas prills at a rate of 600t/h at a 40° angle

Robust electric heater tarp for large areas

Suitable for frost protection and for heat retention in pre-warmed materials

This hose or that hose?

Dixon stresses the importance of inspecting all hose assemblies prior to each use

Reliable sludge removal for water jet cutting

A compelling case study that showcases how a robust rotary lobe pump can even pump highly abrasive residual water without any damage

Flexible transport connections

Cengiz Citlak explores how, as a multi-functional component, hoses play an essential role in machine and plant engineering

Batch process: keep on moving

Turning a batch process into a continuous one: why stop if you don’t have to?

Take the plunge

Jan Sprakel explains how plunger pumps with new drive technology enable high pressures to be produced efficiently

Agitated screw feeder for chemicals manufacturer

Stainless steel unit has a large capacity hopper with multi-bladed agitator to provide gentle agitation

Hydraulic direct drives

In the continuous operations of the mining and materials handling industry, availability and uptime are of prime importance. This is especially true for conveyors, which are often the only means of transporting materials on site

Sanitary high lift box tipper with vibratory bin feeder

Handles corrosive materials and/or wash down between runs of contamination-sensitive food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and chemical products





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