Variable speed ac drives to change compressor industry

Timo Kasi explains how variable speed ac drives and new innovations can change the compressor business

Main automation suppliers focus on integration and flexibility

Integrating control and automation information, increasing network resilience and installation flexibility, and adding new functionality to Scada software are helping vendors to increase plant transparency. Sean Ottewell reports

Resin developments speed up the automotive production process

Andreas Moser looks at the future of the automotive industry and the latest composite materials technologies

How to manufacture cars and reduce environmental impact

Having made his name as a race car designer in the 1980s, Hugo Spowers left the industry because of concerns about its environmental impact. While studying for an MBA at Cranfield University, he examined the commercial feasibility of hydrogen cars

Alternatives to four-stroke engines promise an increase in efficiency

For 100 years the four-stroke internal combustion engine has been the dominant automotive powerplant, but there is a pressing need to improve fuel efficiency, emissions and power density

Lab and online analytics for power generation plants

Katrien Verhassel, Sarah Blayds and Ralf Koening explore the latest in laboratory and online analytics for power generation applications

Accurate gas analysis drives process efficiency

Being able to accurately measure the presence of gases is crucial to the success of any process. The latest monitoring technologies are particularly focused on hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide

Energy-efficient machine tool technologies

Siemens will be using the EMO exhibition to promote technologies and products that can help to create energy-efficient machine tools

Ansys teams with Spaceclaim

Spaceclaim 3D Direct Modeling is now available as an option within the Ansys Simulation Driven Product Development process

PTFE bearing materials last longer

New formulations of FDA-compliant PTFE-based bearing materials from Quadrant are claimed to offer better wear performance than competitive grades

Drive for machine delivers on speed, simplicity and safety

Jussi Rantanen reports on a new machinery drive that is one of the easiest and fastest on the market to install, set parameters and commission

Soft actuators tackle hard jobs in adverse work environments

Air actuators shake off contamination that makes quick work of traditional cylinders. Bernd Stöter reports

Security ranks first: heat lamination of card films

Christina Barg-Becker looks at the advantages and uses of modern bonding technology

Versatile metal expands into new role in tree-top walkway

Andy Foster looks at how a versatile metal has been put to use at London's Kew Gardens

Machinery relocation services

DB Engineering Services is a specialist company for machinery relocation. It has dismantled (and re-installed), packed and shipped a diversity of manufacturing equipment ranging

Tube skin thermocouples offer high accuracy and reliability in process heaters

Can be bent and coiled to enable movement in both the horizontal and vertical axes

Fortus 900mc 3D Production System gains four new materials

Stratasys is making four enhanced build materials and one more support material compatible with its Fortus 900mc 3D Production System

Maintenance free, passive sonar locator system

Designed for applications such as installing and locating deepwater pipelines, undersea telephone and internet cables

Technical software recovery predicted in Cambashi report

A new report form Cambashi shows that growth in expenditure on technical software will recover by the second half of 2010

CAM software enhances productivity and efficiency

Edgecam 2010 R1, the latest version of Planit's CAM software, provides increased efficiency through enhancements to its comprehensive machining cycles





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