Resin systems for advanced graphite composite fuel cell bipolar plates

Fuel cell’s bipolar plates have superior corrosion resistance, lower contact resistance, higher thermal conductivity

Co-ordinated control ensures quality assured energy supply

Niclas Krantz describes different aspects on the process towards the goal of 'quality assured energy supply'

Modelling transformers for high-voltage power distribution

Dr Beriz Bakija discusses the benefits of modelling, designing and testing transformers

Lubricating the wheels of innovation to reduce friction

Drake Calvin takes a look at some up and coming innovations in friction reduction

Improving pH control and compliance in water effluents

One of the world's leading coin and blank manufacturers has invested in advanced pH control technology in order to meet tough environmental standards and improve efficiency. Garry Tabor, Andy Dargue, and Graham Hartry explain

3D CAD: integration of reverse engineering

Both reverse engineering and 3D CAD are established techniques, but using the two together has not always been as easy as it could be

Regulatory enforcement drives continuous emission monitors

Tighter legal and environmental regulations are ensuring that the chemical companies remain in the market for the latest continuous emissions monitoring systems

Precision worm-drive rotary stages last 10 times longer

Aerotech's latest AGR series rotary stages feature a patent-pending preload arrangement that increases accuracy, reduces wear and extends the service life

Initiative boosts anaerobic digestion expansion plans

A UK government-backed initiative has been launched to promote greater use of anaerobic digestion in the production of green energy

Major scale actuation adopted at Indian coal plant

Thermal power plant under development in Sipat is India's first project to operate on super-critical boilers that burn less fuel than conventional boilers

System migration: make sure you improve control, not just replicate

Ian Heathcock looks at the market drivers that are forcing businesses to confront system migration as a reality; what companies need to consider before making the leap and highlights some of the key principles to ensuring a smooth control system migration

Overspraying can reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent

Painting is one of the most energy intensive stages of the car manufacturing process. New technology has cut this by 30 per cent, along with demands for both process air and water. Sean Ottewell reports

Process analysers - pushing for the standardisation of devices

Oliver Schmitt, founder member of the OPC Foundation's Analyser Device Integration working group and Business Line Manager with Malvern Instruments, looks at what lies behind this initiative.

Redesigned ball bearings deliver improved performances

Schaeffler is launching the Generation C FAG deep-groove ball bearings that offer 35 per cent less friction and 50 per cent less noise

Knowles - SiSonic Microphones

Built on our CMOS/MEMS technology platform, the SiSonic™ silicon-based microphone series is entering its fourth generation of development, with product shipments exceeding 800 million units to date.

Motor bearings benefit form lower friction

Schaeffler's Generation C ball bearings for electric motors have 35 per cent less friction, which helps to achieve higher motor efficiency

Improving machining practices and automation

Edgecam 2009 R2 adds new Operations for rough and finish turning, as well as for 5-axis applications

Growth in installed nodes as PROFINET confidence grows

The latest report from PROFIBUS and PROFINET International shows an unprecedented increase in the number of installed nodes - as confidence continues to grow in the compatibility of process automation systems

Cut cycle times for sintered parts by more than a half

Superabrasive machining technology is drastically reducing the cycle times for producing parts manufactured from sintered metals

Simulation software speeds product development

Ansys 12.0 incorporates a number of new features that help to reduce the time required for engineering analysis and, therefore, product development





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