Reccorders allow ‘transparent’ production during cooking

Field mounted electronic data recorder that can be installed anywhere, taking recording out of the control room in to the process environment

Configuration and visualisation solution

Wonderware introduces Performance Software 3.5 as integral part of MES and supervisory platform offering

The Advantages Of Mig Brazing

Paul Stevens reports on how Mig brazing is growing in popularity for automotive repairs and other applications.

Securing industrial control systems against threat of cyber infection

We are all aware of the need to protect desktop computers from viruses and other malware, but what about industrial systems? Alistair Rae explains that these are generally less well protected, yet a malicious attack or an infection with malware can have devastating results. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the risks

pH monitoring system with online calibration capability

Designed for use in all industrial and municipal applications including wastewater treatment, breweries, dairies and pharmaceutical manufacturing

StatoilHydro publishes report into Norwegian rig's oil spill

Norwegian company StatoilHydro has published a report which investigates the environmental impact of a crude oil spill at its Statfjord A North Sea platform in December 2007

Micro-manufacturing now offers advantages for specialist processes

Miniaturisation is not new, but manufacturing mechanical, electromechanical and fluidic components on a micro scale is rapidly developing into a recognisable industry in itself. Alistair Rae reports on a selection of the latest developments in this exciting field

Preventing localised hydrogen cyanide gas emissions

Catalyst to ensure environmental emission limits for hydrogen cyanide gas are dealt with efficiently, says AirProtekt

Stencil solution for ultra fine-pitch printing

For advanced applications such as wafer level packaging, direct chip attach, flip chip and ball grid arrays

Creating new opportunities to help cut costs with stereolithography

You could be mistaken for thinking that stereolithography has matured. However, Paul Stevens reports that not only are the latest innovations creating significant new opportunities, but there is also an entirely new technology that has the potential to cut production times and costs

From kettle controls to a clock which tells the time in a new way

Dr John C Taylor is the inventor whose kettle controls are used one billion times every day. He has also invented a new type of clock with concentric rings of vernier slits that expose lights to indicate the time. Jon Severn met Dr Taylor to discuss the process of invention and the Corpus Clock

A multitude of means to improve fuel efficiency and cut emissions

Paul Stevens reviews some of the numerous technologies that are helping automotive manufactures to deliver vehicles that consume less fuel and produce fewer harmful emissions, but without sacrificing performance or comfort

Redesigned dryer range boosts efficiency

Uses including packaging, assembly, plastics production and moulding, automotive, construction materials manufacturing, printing, and oil and gas activities

Intuitive servo drives deliver high performance

A new family of Compax3 intelligent servo drives from Parker Hannifin are simple to program yet they are designed for high performance and functionality

Modelling software speeds design of organic shapes

Version 10 of Sensable Technologies' Freeform 3D modelling software offers new modelling functions and faster preparation for manufacturing

Manufacturters’ electricity costs 51 per cent higher than last year

However, the upwards trend through 2008 was reversed in Q4 with the cost of electricity reducing by 27 per cent from the high cost points of Q3 2008

A slippery slope for contract manufacturers

Global contract manufacturing industry revenue expected to decrease by 9.9 per cent during 2009 with revenues of $270.8bn, compared with $300.7bn in 2008.

Legislation key to integrated photovoltaics growth

The European Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) market is showing great investment and growth potential as it spreads through Europe.

Remotely monitor plant-floor operations

FactoryTalk ViewPoint software displays fully scalable, animated web applications from existing FactoryTalk View applications

Software tool validates 3D CAD models

CADIQ 6.0 is a new edition of ITI Transcendata's CAD model validation and product data quality analysis software that enables 3D PDF reports to be generated





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