Speed up the collection and analysis of test data

Cloud-hosted software provides fabless manufacturers with full transparency into semiconductor manufacturing and test processes

Manufacturing businesses are most exposed to fraud

Nearly nine out of 10 were affected by fraud in the last 12 months, says survey

Goniometric cradles give unobstructed line of sight

Aerotech's new AGC series goniometric cradles suit rotary micro-positioning applications requiring an unobstructed line of sight to the payload or target

Energy efficient balancer shaft leads to engine fuel savings

Schaeffler starts volume production of INA lightweight balancer shaft and rolling bearing assembly for the new Mercedes-Benz OM 651

Design advances extend the scope of heat exchangers into new areas

Heat exchangers have always been at the heart of industrial heat recovery systems, but the latest advances in their design are making them even more central to manufacturing processe

Dc motors deliver high performance and efficiency for electric motorcycles

Dc motors are increasing in popularity due to their performance advantages over ac motors for applications ranging from high-speed automation to electric motorbikes. Jon Severn reports on a selection of recent developments in dc motors and drives

Wellhead outlet for use in hotter wells

Outlet re-engineered to operate safely in the higher temperatures typically generated by the majority of high pressure, high temperature wells

Photoelectric sensors suit food manufacturing machinery

Sick is launching the versatile MH15V photoelectric sensors that feature stainless steel housings, sealing to IP69K and a wide operating temperature range

Borehole seismic acquisition gives 'high definition' results

Nicholas Brooks reports on specialised borehole seismic data acquisition and processing solutions

Initiatives boost development in flexible electronics

Strategic partnerships between material suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and research institutes to accelerate technology development

Chemically resistant electromagnetic flow-sensors

Polymer improves accuracy flow-sensors for measuring chemical liquids in demanding industrial environments

Future success: co-operation and collaboration is imperative

Mohammed S Madi, Regional Vice President Saudi Petroleum Limited-Beijing, argues that for ongoing success, the petrochemical industry needs to develop and enhance its critical relationships with all stakeholders, regardless of their size and location

Miniature load cell features USB output

A new LLB130 Miniature Load Button from Futek is offered with a USB output that simplifies applications in which data is collected on a PC or similar hardware

Test tweezers ease electronics diagnosis

Quick-Test Tweezers simplify quality assurance inspections of incoming circuit boards or loose components, as well as troubleshooting

New lasers offer more power-per-dollar

Newport Corporation is introducing new lasers for photovoltaic manufacturing applications, offering better value and higher productivity

Bushes enable levelling feet to be installed in square tubes

Rencol is offering standard and customised threaded bushes so that levelling feet can be readily installed in square-section tubing

Cable protection is stronger, lighter and more versatile

With environmental issues and energy saving being hot topics in our current climate, you would not think that a cable fairing would be something that would spring to mind in either of those categories. Alan Cooper reports

Aluminium connector targets motorsport and military systems

Serge Buechli looks at a new high-strength aluminium connector due later this year

High-performance sealing withstands heat stresses of plasma display panels

Display screen manufacturers are constantly on the look out for innovative products. High-performance sealing can help maintain market dominance

Energy improvement: look at the big picture for real savings

Russell Page examines how a holistic approach to energy improvement can deliver real savings





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