Machine safety market in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Frost and Sullivan has published a new report, Southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand Machine Safety Market

Get smart and cut energy costs with integrated motor controls

Ian Heathcock believes this is where the integration of smart motor controls (MCCs) into a process automation system can play a vital role in energy conservation strategy

Higher loads and better wear key to success of enhanced sealing

Seal manufacturers are focusing on new products that wear better and can handle higher loads. At the same time, the market is consolidating. Sean Ottewell reports

Electro-deionisation modules remove common contaminants

Dr Michael Strahand looks at the requirement for chlorine control in continuous electro-deionisation modules and provides a review of methods of chemical control in ultrapure water loops

Wonderware Intelligence software for historical and real-time data

This new software tool from Invensys enables users to contextualise, aggregate and report both historian and operational data using role-based dashboards

Positive-displacement, internal gear pumps - new larger models

Michael Smith Engineers' is launching the HNP 11500 series positive-displacement, internal gear pumps that are larger and offer more drive options

Miniature angular grippers can be mounted on manifolds

New MGW800 series miniature angular grippers from Techno-Sommer Automatic features ports such that they can be manifold-mounted from below

WEG - An expanding global success story in power supply, distribution, transmission, control and automation systems

WEG is a fast-growing, US$3-billion, global automation and control company, with expansion underpinned by 16 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants worldwide. WEG is a global manufacturer and supplier of LV MV and HV electric motors, in capacities up to 20MW, and also complete turnkey solutions including motors, drives, PLCs, switchgear, transformers and software.

AUMA - modular actuators from engineering experts

AUMA - a leading manufacturer and global supplier of modular electric actuators for automation of all industrial valves. The engineering organisation is skilled at management and connection of actuators for systems integration. Sectors supported include water, power and oil/gas industries.

Coal bed methane production: success depends on location

While coal bed methane has a promising future in the Far East, things look far less certain in other locations. Sean Ottewell reports

Need for powerful cranes drives development technologies

One of the biggest offshore slewing cranes in the world has just come into operation, driving developments in broader crane technology. Sean Ottewell reports

3D digital versatility enhances design of subsea control systems

3D digital prototyping cuts time-to-market for subsea control systems

Enhanced camera systems enable safer working

Enable engineers to comply with safety levels up to SIL 2 and PL d, in line with European safety directives IEC 61508

Aqueous cleaning solution designed with a pH neutral formulation

Kyzen Corporation announces precision cleaning products for the electronics and high-technology manufacturing operations

PC market hits record growth

Asian original equipment manufacturers surge as Acer closes fap with HP, says iSuppli Corp

Power producers invest for a mixed fuel future

South American power producers are investing heavily in new technology, both to enable them to swap quickly between different fossil fuels and to improve their hydropower performance

Closing the UK aerospace and manufacturing skills gaps

63 per cent of UK employers in manufacturing are already experiencing difficulty recruiting individuals





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