Control of materials makes for higher quality products

Nick Cowley explains how companies that keep their manufacturing in the UK can reap competitive and financial rewards

Manufacturing sector is undervalued by £50bn

Research by has suggested that the manufacturing sector's contribution to the UK economy is greater than previously thought

Heavy duty encoders

BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environments for high reliability position and speed feedback

Broken screws a thing of the past

New extraction system targets broken screws, studs and bolts

The power to test

Examining the importance of load bank testing in manufacturing facilities

Tough decisions ahead as risks outweigh opportunities for UK manufacturers

44% of manufacturers say their company faces more risks than opportunities in the year ahead – just 23% say opportunities outstrip risks

Rust removal gel helps tackle trillions in losses

Designed for applications where immersion is not possible, the gel can visibly remove rust in as little as 20 minutes

Stop collecting data, start using it, urges manufacturing expert

Companies to stop collecting masses and masses of data and actually start empowering their people to use information to make better informed decisions

Nanotechnology: I'll drink to that

Jonathan Wilkins examines the potential of nanotechnology for manufacturing

Lack of inventory and storeroom management is detrimental to manufacturing

Poor storeroom management is significantly damaging the efficiency and productivity of British manufacturers, according to a new industry report

Changes in the network security landscape

John Browett considers the current position and looks at how to mitigate potential threats

Waterproof handheld meters

Designed to provide benchtop meter functionality in a portable form

Pneumatic torque wrenches

For maintenance work in mining, oil and gas, transport, manufacturing and power generation

ROBOCHOP: the future of manufacturing?

Internet users from around the world accessed four industrial robots via a 3D web app or their smart phones and created small cubist designs which were then created by the robots. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Shaping the future of manufacturing

Subcon, The Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Design & Innovation Show take place in Birmingham, UK, from 2nd to 4th June.

Manufacturing and the digital evolution

Increasing energy costs requires manufacturers to implement lean production solutions that help to eliminate risk, reduce costs and better manage maintenance to minimise production downtime

How to guarantee accuracy throughout the manufacturing process

Chris Putman explains that if you don’t get the small details right, the big picture will never be perfect

Infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging capabilities

The ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer uses a built-in video camera with infrared filter to improve manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other heat-dependent manufacturing industries

Manufacturing recovery in UK continues to strengthen

Output growth for the three months to September rose to its highest rate since August 2011, says survey





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