Intelligent DIN rail mounted signal amplifier

Amplifier has been specifically designed for automation and industrial process control

Compact amplifier is intelligent and easy to use

The LCD20 has standard analogue outputs of 4-20mA and 0-10V, with two digital inputs

Software toolkit facilitates complex load monitoring

Mantracourt's new Software Toolkit accompanies its LCA20 load cell and strain gauge amplifier

Instrumentation monitoring software

New mapping functionality enables rich graphical display for Mantracourt's latest T24LOG100 data logging software

Large format wireless LED display enables the remote display of instrumentation data

Display is suitable for application use in process control, lifting and handling, waste management and silo management

Miniature load cell amplifier used for Antarctic project

Mantracourt load cell technology enables Antarctic research project into atmospheric greenhouse gases, sea level and temperature change

Advanced monitoring software for wireless instrumentation data

New data logging software offers up to 100 channels of instrumentation data with many advanced features

Wireless telemetry Modbus gateway

Modbus Gateway provides a simple interface for engineers to gather data from wireless instrumentation

Wireless wind speed sensor

Anemometer design is based on Mantracourt’s T24 2.4Ghz wireless technology

Wireless data collector enables remote monitoring

T24-RDC is a remote data acquisition system that has been developed to utilise the existing GPRS network

Strain gauge amplifier is Atex-approved for hazardous zones

Mantracourt is releasing evaluation models of its ALA5 Atex-approved high-performance amplifier that can be used in Hazardous Zones 0, 1 and 2

Wireless telemetry potentiometer acquisition module

Enables collection and processing of potentiometer-based sensors




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