New 500g grease cartridges

These are specified to work with Lithium XL Complex and Libra XL EP2

Could The Internet Of Things Reduce Downtime?

What will the IIoT bring to maintenance strategies?

Lubrication selection for low temperature operations

Bearing lubrication can dramatically affect the lifespan of a bearing. However, when it is required to operate in extreme conditions, such as low temperatures, choosing the right lubrication is even more critical. Chris Johnson reports

How can an effective lubrication strategy can help maximise productivity?

Mark Burnett on developing an effective lubrication strategy to help maximise productivity

Metering grease lubrication flow in a wind turbine

Ensuring reliable and efficient wind turbine operation is to keep the heavily loaded main bearings fully lubricated in all operating conditions

Safe lubrication for food applications

Cleaning product range designed to help maintenance and plant engineers reduce the chances of downtime in food processing plants

Things to bear in mind for the food sector

Chris Johnson explains the considerations manufacturers must take when choosing bearings and lubrication in the food and beverage industry

The challenge of pellet production

Mark Burnett looks at the importance of industrial grease products in ensuring machinery can handle the high load and, in particular, what characteristics are required for long-lasting lubrication

Effective lubrication

Power companies underestimate the potential savings and productivity gains, says Shell Lubricants

Proper lubrication delivers results

Operating around the clock with efficiency, flexibility and ease

Gearing up for lubrication

The Lubricants and Fuel Additives Platform of water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Top Blend, a new multi-viscosity and multi-purpose gear oil

Lubricant for valves, fittings and installations carrying oxygen

Shows a high stability to oxygen pressure surge and good resistance to gases and chemicals

Chains for corrosive environments

Applications exposed to frequent washdowns, harsh weather or involve a chain being submerged in water, require a superior level of corrosion resistance

Keeping a smooth operation

Reliable lubrication can have a direct impact on operational efficiency by lengthening machine life and decreasing maintenance costs. Maurice Jones reports




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