The future of obsolescence management

Jonathan Wilkins looks at managing obsolete automation components in the factory of the future. Oh, did we mention that this factory could be ordering your replacement parts for you?

The death of proprietary networks

Jonathan Wilkins takes a look at one of the casualties of fluid communication in the factory. That is, the death of proprietary networks and communication protocols in favour of the uninhibited free flow of data

Think smarter energy

Industrial automation components supplier EU Automation has produced a one page guide to smart technology

How much security does your device really require

One of the biggest challenges for Internet of Things device developers is how to make it secure against cyber attack

Embedded development tools

UltraSoC and Lauterbach are collaborating on an independent system-on-chip (SoC) development and debug environment.

Protecting your production line

The latest advancements in industrial connectivity mean that even the smallest of manufacturing businesses could be in potential danger from software hackers. Here, Jonathan Wilkins discusses how to protect your production line

How cloud computing is changing industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins examines how cloud computing is disrupting industrial automation

Concurrent mode Wi-Fi modules

Suited to provisioning wireless connectivity for a broad range of IoT applications

Collapsing architecture in infrastructure

There will be 25 million industrial and commercial connected devices in use by 2020. Here, Nick Boughton discusses how greater connectivity is changing infrastructure

Building management system

Intelligent gateway aimed at introducing the burgeoning Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies to professionals

New on the technology radar: from quantum entanglement to deep learning

Smart factories, Big Data and the Internet of Things are the trends of today, but what other technologies should we be looking out for this year? Jonathan Wilkins has these suggestions

Ultra-low power communications

Imagination launches industry’s lowest power wireless IP for wearables and IoT

Edge node platform connects field devices to the cloud

Pre-validated PingPong data exchange mechanism eases Internet of Things integration

Box-PC building block system for extreme environmental temperatures

With the integrated heating system, standard x86 hardware can be operated at extreme subzero temperatures

Server-grade industrial motherboards

Feature the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors and C610 series chipsets, Nick Flaherty reports

Factory networking unites with IT

Like all marriages, that of fieldbus with IT and/or other fieldbuses is fraught with flare-ups and breakdowns, but ultimately both parties know they have no option but to try and make it work, asserts Boris Sedacca

Integrated wireless controller works worldwide

Designed for use in all available frequency bands, power limits and broadcast standards across the globe

Internet of Things: low power integrated wireless controller available

easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC) offers designers seven power saving modes of operation to ensure maximum battery life of remote sensors

Low power consumption integrated wireless controller for Internet of Things

easyRadio Integrated Controller offers designers seven power saving modes of operation to ensure maximum battery life of remote sensors





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