Which is best, wired or wireless?

Clarifying connection choices for your automated systems

Companies unite to offer in-car infotainment

Partnership to rollout in Europe next year, will include parking and location services

NB-IoT demonstration at Electronica 2018

Endrich to present live NB-IoT test system in Munich from November 13th

USB sensor monitors seven parameters

Data can be accumulated for up to three months

New sensor for the IoT

Safety features include internal temperature monitoring

New 3W and 10W series of board-mounted AC-DC power supplies

These cover nominal AC inputs from 100V to 277V

A small gateway for serial data

The design targets the IoT

What makes a city smart?

Managing power is going to be crucial as reliance on the IoT increases

Mechatronics – mechanics and electronics working together

Some thoughts on taking the best of both worlds with the IoT

New wireless capability for cars

Advances include voice recognition using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things technology and even driver stress detection. Cue the soothing music...

It starts with a sensor

Some thoughts on how sensors can optimise the IoT

Expanded probe bandwidth

The new oscilloscope is aimed at the embedded mobile and IoT market

Miniaturised Bluetooth 5.0 module targets the IoT

Target markets include industrial IoT, energy, and home and office automation

How to manage semiconductor tool obsolescence

When it comes to semiconductor manufacturing equipment obsolescence, there’s no good way to avoid the issue. Owen Tangney reports

A clear vision: the benefits of interconnectivity in the workplace

Adrian Kimberley explains just what makes a workplace smart, and more importantly, the reasons for implementing this interconnectivity in the first place

Multi-function environmental sensor

Applications include monitoring and controlling both industrial and office environments to improve the work space

Boards provide wireless support

Including LoRa communications for Internet of Things development

Driving changes in automotive engineering

Automotive manufacturers are facing far greater challenges than ever before with a skills shortage in engineering, globally; combined with increased demand for customised cars. Thankfully, new technologies can plug the gap and reduce time to market. Stephen Dyson explains

How plants can secure themselves against hacking

Steve Hughes explains how, with the right security there, is no need for plants to steer away from using IoT devices in their facility

Pushing through SSD bottleneck

Apacer launches industrial-grade PM110-M280, suitable for cloud computing, IoT, and virtual environments




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