How will the IoT advance in 2020?

Phil Simmonds, MD of EC Electronics looks ahead to see how sectors like maintenance and energy will be affected

How temperature monitoring can be made easier

These are the tangible business benefits of the IoT

IoT security goes under the spotlight

This aims to create the world’s tiniest Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Powering the internet of (many) things

The changing nature of the IoT landscape makes effective power imperative

New ventilated sensor enclosures

These ABS units are for IoT applications

Manufacturing a digital counterpart

How process managers can take advantage of new techniques

Power for mobile communications and the IoT

Devices are galvanically isolated and protected against overload

Which is for best for IOT, wired or wireless?

Clarifying connection choices for your automated systems

Companies unite to offer in-car infotainment

Partnership to rollout in Europe next year, will include parking and location services

NB-IoT demonstration at Electronica 2018

Endrich to present live NB-IoT test system in Munich from November 13th

USB sensor monitors seven parameters

Data can be accumulated for up to three months

New sensor for the IoT

Safety features include internal temperature monitoring

New 3W and 10W series of board-mounted AC-DC power supplies

These cover nominal AC inputs from 100V to 277V

A small gateway for serial data

The design targets the IoT

What makes a city smart?

Managing power is going to be crucial as reliance on the IoT increases

Mechatronics: Mechanics and Electronics Working Together

Some thoughts on taking the best of both worlds with the IoT

New wireless capability for cars

Advances include voice recognition using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things technology and even driver stress detection. Cue the soothing music...

The IoT, It Starts With a Sensor

Some thoughts on how sensors can optimise the IoT

Expanded probe bandwidth

The new oscilloscope is aimed at the embedded mobile and IoT market

Miniaturised Bluetooth 5.0 module targets the IoT

Target markets include industrial IoT, energy, and home and office automation





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