IEEE-488 GPIB-to-USB interface controller is cost-effective

Adlink Technology's new USB-3488A is a cost-effective GPIB-to-USB interface controller that is compatible with both IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2

Pressure data logger can store more than 260,000 readings

Series DLI2 can be ordered for absolute or gauge pressure measurements up to 5,000 psi, says Dwyer Instruments Inc

Chemical imaging software available as a 64-bit version

ISys can handle even the most complex chemical images quickly and efficiently, says Malvern Instruments

Top five dominate process level measurement device supplies

The market for level measurement devices remains robust as manufacturers continue to launch new instruments and drive new projects forwards. Sean Ottewell reports

Lab and online analytics for power generation plants

Katrien Verhassel, Sarah Blayds and Ralf Koening explore the latest in laboratory and online analytics for power generation applications

Accurate gas analysis drives process efficiency

Being able to accurately measure the presence of gases is crucial to the success of any process. The latest monitoring technologies are particularly focused on hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide

Process control instruments with web interface

The latest Vishay Systems G4 process control instruments feature a web interface that enables users to interact with the devices remotely via a web browser

Labview 2009 introduces wireless sensor network platform

National Instruments Labview 2009 offers benefits in terms of virtualisation, wireless sensor networks and integrated Solidworks mechatronics tools

Instrumentation needle valve with half-inch bore

Parker says its new instrumentation needle valve enables plant engineers to save space and money thanks to its large half-inch bore size

Digital oscilloscopes harness the power of PCs via USB

Acute's USB-enabled digital oscilloscopes provide many of the functions of traditional oscilloscopes within a compact, cost-effective package

Trends and developments in temperature measurement

Peter Clarke outlines recent developments in process temperature measurement, with a focus on non-contact methods including infra-red thermal imaging

Particle size analysis reduces cement manufacturing costs

Cement producers have found that switching from a conventional fineness measurement technique to laser diffraction particle size analysis provides more sensitive cement characterisation and better parameters for tuning product performance. Alain Blasco explains

Modelling and testing renewable energy technologies

Jon Severn looks modelling, simulation and testing technologies used in the development of renewable energy systems

Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters for depths of 200m

New from Impress Sensors and Systems is the SDI-12L range of submersible level transmitters that are manufactured from stainless steel or marine-bronze

Squeezable user-interface technology for computer-based applications

A novel user interface has been developed by Cambridge Consultants for controlling computer games and other applications requiring 3D manipulation

Top five dominate process level measurement devices

The market for level measurement devices remains robust as manufacturers continue to launch new instruments and drive new projects forwards. Sean Ottewell reports

Steam heaters protect field instrumentation

Intertec is launching a new range of range of vertical, horizontal or panel-mounting steam heaters for protecting field instrumentation

Underwater thickness gauge is IPX8 rated

Rugged underwater thickness gauges for divers carrying out maintenance inspections and corrosion checks

V-Cone steam flow meter suits district energy systems

Designed for steam process lines connecting boilers with HVAC systems or co-generation energy systems

Hydroacoustic technology used to monitor marine biodiversity

Hydroacoustic technology is being used to further scientific research into protecting marine ecosystems





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