Cutting cycle times for sintered parts by more than a half

Superabrasive machining technology is drastically reducing the cycle times for producing parts manufactured from sintered metals.

Microcontroller integrates control law accelerator

Texas Instruments has added a programmable accelerator for control law algorithms to its low power Piccolo microcontrollers to improve performance

Regulatory enforcement drives continuous emission monitors

Tighter legal and environmental regulations are ensuring that the chemical companies remain in the market for the latest continuous emissions monitoring systems

Compact gearhead is exceptionally quiet

Maxon's new Koaxdrive KD 32 uses a worm-formed motor pinion and planetary gearing to deliver high torque and power with very low noise levels

Process analysers - pushing for the standardisation of devices

Oliver Schmitt, founder member of the OPC Foundation's Analyser Device Integration working group and Business Line Manager with Malvern Instruments, looks at what lies behind this initiative.

Cut cycle times for sintered parts by more than a half

Superabrasive machining technology is drastically reducing the cycle times for producing parts manufactured from sintered metals

Plant studies support use of wireless in capital projects

Sean Ottewell reports on two new studies which have recommended that wireless infrastructure should be a key component in all new process projects

Battery fuel gauge for JEITA profile

Texas Instruments has developed a family of battery fuel gauge integrated circuits (ICs) with enhanced charging, including the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) profile

Memory metal: miniature proportional valve uses technology

Lee Products is introducing a miniature proportional valve that will help manufacturers create smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient products

Intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof humidity/temperature transmitter

Transmitter takes accurate measurements in the harshest of environments; offered with 4 to 20 mA outputs

High-speed electric motor offers high energy-efficiency

A new EC 25 high-speed motor from Maxon Motor runs at over 60,000 rpm, plus it offers an efficiency of 93 per cent and very smooth operation

Hollow-shaft stepper motors are sealed to IP68

Astrosyn's latest stepper motors feature hollow shafts, IP68 ingress protection and optional low-noise, ultra-high-precision bearings

The IEC 61511 revision: functional safety comes of age

The independent Safety Users Group has drawn together industry experts in a discussion about the revisions currently being made to IEC 615111. The resulting video offers practical insights into the proposals and is available free online. Sean Ottewell reports

Gas pipeline monitoring: moving from analogue to wireless

As it continues with a major expansion of its natural gas pipeline transmission system, a major Irish energy provider has invested in wireless technology. This, as Sean Ottewell reports, both replaces ageing, hardwired devices and acts as part of a trial to decide the future specifications that the company requires

Miniature flat motor offers high torque and ISO 13485 compliance

The miniature EC 9.2 Flat motor from Maxon is claimed to offer exceptionally high torque for its diameter thanks to the use of an external rotor design

Embedded system is suitable for high-speed, real-time vision

A new NI EVS-1464RT Embedded Vision System from National Instruments uses a multicore processor to deliver exceptional performance in industrial environments

Battle heats up for USB3.0 chips in new markets

Both NEC and Texas Instruments have announced controllers for the 5Gbit/s USB3.0 standard, with devices starting to ship this month

Connectors: for space, medicine and test and measurement applications

Serge Buechli looks at how connectors are used for high-tech applications in markets such as medicine, test and measurement and broadcast

Mass interconnect systems help protect company investment

Mass interconnect systems provide the critical connection between the tester and the unit under test. Elizabeth Wise reports

Data management software gains additional features

NI Diadem 11.1, a new release of National Instruments' software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data, is now more powerful





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