Extending service life of process instruments

K-Patents’ PR-01-S refractometer is exposed to temperatures from –20 ° to 220 °C, pressures from –0.7 to 25 bar, and some 500 process fluids and chemicals

Spray droplet size measurement

Malvern’s Spraytec system measures across a wide range of particle sizes (0.1–2000 microns) during real-time spray actuation

‘Smallest’ MID compliant energy meters

The new EM23-DIN energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi providse accurate measurements for energy cost sharing/allocation and utility metering

Increased level measurement accuracy

A maintenance-free and more accurate solution is available from TC-Klinger based on the guided wave radar (microwave) principle

Measuring ocean currents for efficient seismic surveys

The demand for oil and gas drives exploration and production in to more and more complex environments. Grant Jennings and William Kikendall report

Magnetic flow meter offered with Profibus PA

Yokogawa is now offering its Admag AXF magnetic flow meter with the option of Profibus PA communications

Laser micrometer offers twice the measuring range

The sensors are suited to applications where previously two laser micrometers had to be used, since the measuring range of one sensor was insufficient

Safe calibration of fieldbus transmitters

Until now, no practical solutions have existed for calibrating fieldbus instruments in hazardous areas, says Beamex

Current profiler boost for ports and terminals

Vertical measuring zones (bins) can always be referenced to height below the surface, says Aanderaa Data Instruments

Bitumen companies go wireless to monitor production facilities

Bitumen often poses storage and handling problems. Here, Sean Ottewell reports on two Australian companies who are tackling these by turning to wireless communication solutions

Thermal camera identifies heat loss

Identifies heat loss through poor insulation, locate excessive air leakage, carry out predictive maintenance of electrical and structural systems

Drives combine precision and dynamics

Jetter's new Jetmove 400 drive family suits applications where there is a need for both high precision and highly dynamic movements

Development kit simplifies use of reconfigurable I/O hardware

National Instruments' new cRIO-9951 Module Development Kit simplifies the process when designing custom Compactrio and Single-Board RIO applications

Prototyping hardware reduces development times

New Compactrio reconfigurable hardware from National Instruments will help engineers reduce development times and costs

Circular connectors are more compact

ITT Interconnect Solutions is introducing smaller, lighter circular connectors for medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications

Flow instruments can be equipped with explosion-proof housings

Trimec-Europe is offering customers the option of surface-mount, pipe-mount or rack-mount explosion-proof housings for its flow meters

Module simplifies implementation of Zigbee

A new module from IDC enables machine builders and OEMs to add Zigbee networking capability easily, quickly and cost-effectively

Calibration offshore improved with decade boxes

RBB series features a re-engineered lightweight case designed for high impact resistance and protection

Fluid dosage assembly is based on mass flow instruments

New from Bronkhorst is the Cori-Fill fluid dosage assembly that is based on high-accuracy Coriolis-type mass measurement instruments

Powder testing for optimal process design and operation

The optimal design and operation of solids handling plant rests on effectively predicting powder behaviour, before processing. State-of-the-art powder testers help engineers achieve this challenging goal in a cost- and time-effective way. Reg Freeman explains





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