Lack of understanding of Industry 4.0 will hold back UK manufacturing

Only 8% of UK manufacturers have a significant understanding of Industry 4.0 processes; 59% say Industry 4.0 will have a big impact on the manufacturing sector

56% of mechanical engineers back UK staying in the EU

Survey shows two to one support for UK remaining in the EU rather than leaving, with a significant number still undecided

More than a third of UK manufacturers say young people lack the work ethic to succeed

The new poll of UK manufacturers found that 53 per cent believe new recruits lack practical skills, with 38 per cent saying they don’t have the required work ethic

Shale gas exploitation will help rebalance economy, say engineers

Shale gas is ‘no silver bullet’ for UK energy security but will provide long-term economic benefits

Early specialisation deterent to railway careers

More than 80 per cent say current training and development practices can also limit career paths, survey finds

Nuclear Pact: 'potential synergies are very significant'

Frost and Sullivan analysts discuss UK/France deal on development of civil nuclear energy




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