Servo motor with integral Ethernet interface can connect directly with CNCs

DRIVE-CLiQ is a special Ethernet-based interface for the Sinumerik control produced by Siemens

New addition to motor range

Hygienic motor line updated with new feedback and connector options

Single cable, multi-axis servo systems gets more power

Performance of the Kollmorgen AKD-N multi-axis servo drive control system has been doubled to 12A

Precision motion chips for dedicated controllers

Suitable for applications such as 2D and 3D printing, robot control, biological and , glue laying, laser cutting

Programmable motion control chips

Suitable for applications such as medical equipment, scientific instruments, industrial automation and robotics

Programmable motion control chips

ICs can provide servo-loop closure, commutation and pulse-and-direction output

Delivering control

If you’re looking for high-performance control of DC brushed, brushless and stepper motors across multiple axes, the typical enclosed DIN-rail mounting box might be your first thought. But Gerard Bush argues that PCB motion cards, amplifiers and motion/amplifiers might well provide a better option.

Hygienic motor-gear combination

Kollmorgen AKM can be used in most machine-drive and precision-positioning applications in the food and beverage industries

Easy clean washdown motors

The new Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel motors, available in the UK from INMOCO of Daventry, are designed for quick and easy cleaning CIP (clean-in-place)

The fundamental principles of stepper motors

Stepper motors are very often the best solution for positioning applications, being low cost and straightforward. But they are not a universal panacea, as Gerard Bush reports

Digital servo drive benefits from direct-to-mains connection

Inmoco's new Elmo Extriq Panther compact digital servo drive operates from a 400V DC or 750V DC power source using a direct-to-mains connection




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