Guided by the light - with potential for Industry 4.0

German project uses ceiling-mounted LED lights to move materials around the factory

Stanley Black & Decker opens new Connecticut facility

It will become “epicentre for the company's global Industry 4.0 ‘smart factory’ initiative”

Digital multi-channel controller for metal pre-treatment

System allows users to run lines with up to fifteen stages

Industy 4.0: The term we love to hate

Shedding light on a fragmented industry

Why increased levels of automation are a good thing

The adoption of Industry 4.0 does not give rise to an overnight transformation. However, most factories are beginning to see its effects take hold. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Technologies tipping Industry 4.0

Jonathan Wilkins discusses three major tipping points that are pushing Industry 4.0 to become a vastly realised concept

Expanded IO-Link

Range from addresses demands for data capabilities down to sensor and actuator level

The future of maintenance engineering

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses approach maintenance

Industry 4.0: automated connectivity

Industry 4.0 is considered to be the future, though only adopted by a few manufacturers. How can more manufacturers unlock the opportunities that it offers? Stephen Dyson offers first-hand advice

Designing for Industry 4.0

Jonathan Wilkins explains the changes design engineers face as Industry 4.0 booms

Intelligent switchboards of the future

Nick Boughton discusses how switchboards need to adapt to keep up with increased energy demands

Zero unplanned downtime - dream or reality?

Leroy Spence discusses how manufacturers can use predictive analytics to manage assets and minimise downtime

The cyber security layer cake

As industrial software becomes more intelligent, cyber attacks are becoming more complex. Martyn Williams discusses the latest developments in industrial cyber security

Industrial robots and the labour market

Should we be concerned? How industrial robots will shape the labour market

Flexible manufacturing through automated engineering

Automated equipment and robotics are the basis of any smart factory, meaning that to stay competitive, manufacturers must learn to embrace this technology. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Benefits of the smart supply chain

Smart supply chains will play a leading role in the factories of the future by offering manufacturers financial and space savings and even reducing the need for human intervention. Bob Davies discusses the role the smart supply chain plays in the factory of the future

Industrial PCs aimed at Industry 4.0

IndraControl VPB40.4 set to become a key element of Industry 4.0 applications

Retrofit your way to Industry 4.0

Jonathan Wilkins discusses issues to consider when retrofitting your migration to Industry 4.0

The future of obsolescence management

Jonathan Wilkins looks at managing obsolete automation components in the factory of the future. Oh, did we mention that this factory could be ordering your replacement parts for you?

Allowing devices different manufacturers to communicate

CC-Link IE and CC-Link help cable manufacturer get established in Asia





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