Ethernet/CAT5 cable comes with 36 month guarantee

New cable designed specifically for 6-axis robots

Could this lead to better artificial muscles for robots?

MIT discovery blends different fibres to produce a rapid reaction

How to select actuators for warehouse robots

Robots need to have grippers that can hold items without causing damage

Hoist goes live for robot’s stumble protection

NASA’s Valkyrie biped is given a helping hand

Shaking hands with a robot

Nanotubes make the experience more life-like

Prototype fish hunter can withstand deep sea pressures

Robot stuns killer lionfish below sport diver depth

New robot-friendly servo motors

These have an integrated control electronics to save space

TALON robot family receives maintenance award

US$90 million deal keeps the machines running until 2023

How automation can improve product quality

The benefits of robotics and machine vision systems

How to reduce robot malfunctions

Programming, people and maintenance all need to be right

The human impact of robots in food

The changing role of workers in the robotics revolution

Improved safety for workers near robots

Speed changing choreography around fenceless robots offers maintenance benefits too

Prototype robot aids elevator installation

This autonomous and self-climbing machine takes over the drilling for the anchor bolts in lift shafts

How robotics are taking over industry

Some thoughts on further collaboration in the workplace

Reaching new places in dispensing

Rotary dispensing table allows automated material applications such as bonding, potting or gasketing

New concept underwater robot inspired by cuttlefish

Fin drive unit designed for precise, slow movement and low turbulence for enhanced manoeuvrability

Ikea chair rapidly assembled by robot

Fascinating project used custom algorithms to help to assemble Stefan chair in under 9 minutes

Bin-picking irregular objects made easier

Robots are increasingly being used for repetitive, tedious tasks like moving fruit or vegetables

Battery power considerations for autonomous robots

As robots become increasingly mobile their power requirements have changed

Intelligent preventative diagnostics for industrial robot health

This collects data on a robot’s mechanical, process, maintenance and system health, before analysis at a central server





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