Smart factory software

Suitable for manufacturing companies such as food and beverages manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies but it is also suited to power supply companies

Capacitive touch technology eliminates the need for any moving parts

Schurter is launching its new series of momentary and latching push button switches

Three steps to cloud security

As the manufacturing industry embraces industrial automation and cloud computing, the number of cyber attacks is growing. Martyn Williams discusses the three steps manufacturers should take to stay safe in the cloud

Who needs innovation?

Mark Proctor examines the challenges the automotive industry is facing due to the latest expectations in design

IO-Link functionality added to compact magnetostrictive sensor

E-Series IO-Link is optimised for addressing space-constrained industrial automation applications

Designing for the man-machine collaboration

Robert Holloway examines the importance of ergonomics in industry

The rise of ubiquitous computing

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the concept of ubiquitous computing and how it will affect the relationship between humans and technology

Dual-range torque sensor

Suited to field portable and factory applications in industrial automation, engine and power transmission testing, turbines, electric motor test

30 seconds to industrial automation take off

Jonathan Wilkins explains how industrial automation is setting up camp on the International Space Station

Alternative plastic housing for industrial speed sensors

For electric drives with speed regulation, braking systems, off-road vehicles, industrial trucks, industrial automation, conveyor technology, medical and energy applications

High brightness 10.4-inch TFT open frame monitor

Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, public information systems, digital signage, building management, in-vehicle installations, point-of-sale displays and industrial instrumentation

Industrial systems given added protection

Power quality specialist REO UK launchesa range of 5-limb chokes, which target electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems in industrial applications

Capacitive and metal touch switches

Custom switch solutions feature value-add design options and fast time-to-market for consumer appliances, industrial equipment and medical devices

Programmable motion control chips

Suitable for applications such as medical equipment, scientific instruments, industrial automation and robotics

Sourcing the extreme

The trials and tribulation of sourcing obsolete automation parts. Leroy Spence reports

Ultra low power 3.5in single board computer targets industrial automation

Advantech has launched two new embedded systems based on TI’s Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 1GHz high performance processor

Explained: 10 popular cloud computing terms

Industrial automation components supplier European Automation has produced a helpful buzzword guide on cloud computing for the automation industry

Diagnostic software for the CPU core

Renesas Electronics introduces a functional safety solution for industrial automation




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