Cables in less than 24 hours

igus makes pre-assembled drive cables from 0.5m readily available

Energy chain installation made easy

Saving time and costs associated with energy chain and cable assembly. The lead time for this service is now only five days and is available for projects all over the UK

Free flexible cable guide and sample box

Simple-to-use guide outlines the common failure modes of cables and explains how chainflex cables are designed to overcome these

Cable with up to 30 per cent smaller bending radii

Has an abrasion-proof and bend-resistant, halogen-free, oil and bio-oil-resistant TPE outer jacket

VIDEO: Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence

Plain bearing element absorbs shear forces and shock loads; rolling bearing element offers quiet, smooth gliding motions

New ball bearing materials for better wear resistance

Lubricant and maintenance-free, xiros polymer ball bearings can endure temperatures of up to 150degC




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