Low-noise energy chains

E6.1 series now available with larger inner heights of up to 62mm

Data cables feature a high-performance alloy conductor

Suitable for short, very fast moving applications, such as those found in pick-and-place machines

Standard modular ‘zig-zag’ e-chain system

Space-saving solution for vertically suspended cable management

Compact rotation module for tight spaces

Guides energy, data and media safely, without interruption for rotational movements up to 360 degrees

Bus cables for moving applications

chainflex CFBUS from igus, feature pressure extruded outer jackets and optimised shield braiding

Assembly kit robotics

igus robolink D 5-axis articulated arms now available pre-assembled

Tribo-tape liner for stressed surfaces

Tape offers a low coefficient of friction, and is lubrication and maintenance-free

Wear-resistant tribo-powder for 3D SLS printing

Parts are three times more wear-resistant than those printed from standard materials

Tape for marine applications robust and maintenance free

Robust polymer tape offers a low sliding resistance and is highly wear resistant with good noise dampening properties

50% time reduction when stripping cables

Cables are designed in such a way that the integrated tear strip does not damage the outer jacket or cores during operation

Light work for lighting beams and indoor cranes

The maximum extension/retraction speed of e-spool power is 1.2m/s, says energy chain specialist igus

CAT 5, 6, 6A and 7 Ethernet cable standards supported for energy chains

Energy chain and continuous flex cable company igus now offers a full range of Ethernet chain flex cables to meet these standards

Industry 4.0: Realising the revolution

Again this year Industry 4.0 will be the focus topic of many a seminar, conference and exhibition. Justin Leonard asks: “Will the ‘smart factory’ concept ever become reality?”

Fast cable selection

Online product finder tool for deliveries within 24 hours of ordering

Offset adjustment for energy chains with floating tow-arm

Suitable for a variety of applications, includining ‘ship-to-shore’ container cranes where the system can accommodates for play in the trolley wheels and rails

Square profile linear guide with adjustable clearance

Provides convenient space for services such as compressed air, cables and fluids, and is suitable for use in confined spaces

Direct drive robotic arms support lean automation

Typical robotic applications are repetitive tasks, such as on assembly lines and pick-and-place equipment

Tribo-filament for 3D printers

Material is up to 50 times more resistant to wear and abrasion than products made from conventional 3D printer materials

The benefits of plastic bearings

Rob Dumayne reviews the latest developments in plastic bearings, and how industrial manufacturers can use them to produce cost savings while increasing their environmental credentials

Lightweight system for a variety of robotic applications

As robot systems are becoming more and more advanced, plastic experts are constantly developing plastic components to reduce costs and increase service life





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