Sound idea for hydropower plants

Unmanned hydropower plants will get first-hand remote support, thanks to a new innovation: sound-based monitoring

Refurbishment of Roosevelt Dam hydropower generator

Refurbishment of this iconic installation was always going to be essential in order to keep the plant working efficiently for the future

Hydropower’s big surge

Set to double by 2050, says World Energy Council report ... if governments and multilateral banks give help to emerging economies where hydropower resources are under-utilised

Plant availability and safety relies on automation

Generators are investing in advanced automation solutions to keep their plants working at maximum availability and safety

Energy storage technologies capitalise on renewables

Technologies are covered in the research include pumped hydro energy storage

Indonesian: geothermal power and small hydropower

Growth of the small hydropower market is likely to remain stable at 8.0 per cent during 2011

Use and capacity of global hydropower increases

Industrialised and developing countries continue to rely on their critical water resources as a renewable electricity source

Exploring alternative energy options for mine sites

How can the potential negative legacy of a mine site be converted into a positive inheritance for the wider environment and local communities? Peter Whitbread-Abrutat and Nick Coppin report




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