Hydrostatic drives now have a dedicated hose

New product has a low minimum bend radius

How To Clean Hoses

Detailed resistance lists on cleaning materials, service lives and temperatures ensure that the hoses are not damaged by this. Stephan Renz reports

Setting new standards in hoses

Willi Emde discusses standard-tested hoses for greater security in the operational process

Customised hose solutions for the food industry

High-performance hose solutions that have no negative effects on foodstuffs

Testing the limits of hoses

Markus Linzmaier introduces some extremely tough lines for active chassis control

High-performance hoses for modern rail transport

Hygienically pure, highly flexible and robust potable water hose for the transport of drinking water both nationally and internationally

This hose or that hose?

Dixon stresses the importance of inspecting all hose assemblies prior to each use

Flexible transport connections

Cengiz Citlak explores how, as a multi-functional component, hoses play an essential role in machine and plant engineering

Mining hose system with wear indication

Conti Ultimate carries various slurries, sand, crushed stone, and gravel

The importance of correct hose sourcing, assembly and maintenance

Fluid power has a critical role to play in the operation of many types of plant and equipment in industries ranging from manufacturing and offshore to construction and agriculture. Jerry Hughes reports

Heat transfer hoses and double-jacketed hoses

The double-jacketed HDM 95/200 hoses from Hillesheim actually represent a 'hose within a hose’ system

Subsea high pressure hoses

Offer enhanced safety and increased uptime in oil and gas applications

Longer life and more reliable sealing in hoses, gaskets and o-rings for biofuels

Viton fluoroelastomer compounds have the ability to resist and withstand such attacks from a growing range of solvents and fuels




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