New widescreen HMI

The unit features twin ethernet ports and a sound output interface, with built-in speaker and amplifier

Wide aspect ratio display features HD resolution and IPS technology

Suited for harsh and rugged environments, the Rugged+ module is also highly resistant to electro-static discharge, mechanical shock and vibration

Flexible manufacturing through automated engineering

Automated equipment and robotics are the basis of any smart factory, meaning that to stay competitive, manufacturers must learn to embrace this technology. Jonathan Wilkins reports

All-round HMIs for on- and offshore applications

Optimised for onshore and offshore applications, they are extremely rugged with enhanced shock and vibration resistance

Compact HMI with advanced functionality

Display has the ability to display more than 65,000 colours, bringing new levels of realism to screen elements for enhanced usability

HMI/PLC for advanced analogue monitoring and control

Allows users to perform both operator interface and control for a much wider range of applications

PanelPC packs high performance into a tablet-sized unit

Features a 7-inch HD 1024 x 600 projective capacitance screen supporting multi-touch functionality and offering landscape and portrait screen modes

Software for machines and embedded systems

Wonderware HMI improves manufacturing performance for end users, OEMs and machine and systems builders

LED backlit capacitive switch module for OEM designs

20mm and 35mm versions are available suitable for mounting into panel thickness of up to 7.0mm and providing high brightness full RGB illumination of touch area

Human-machine interface design

Alpha Micro launches FTDI VM800B and VM800C development modules for use with the integrated FT800 EVE embedded video engine




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