Feeling the heat

Matt Hale on the forgotten element of anaerobic digestion - incidental heat

Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Designed for gentle, uniform heat transfer for sensitive dairy, food, beverage and home-personal care products

New travelling barrel heater plate

The barrel heater has a power rating of 1,200W with a voltage of 230 V/AC

High-pressure compression cooler

Push Dhillon reports on a heat exchanger designed for maximum uptime in minimum space

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Enable reliable production, easy cleaning and energy efficient operation

Filter technology guards against mussel infestation

Reduces the biofouling danger in pipe systems and extends maintenance intervals of machines such as heat exchangers

Reliable separation of fluids

GEWA-safe tubes enable the manufacture of very compact heat exchangers, thus reducing material costs and fill levels

Increased rates of heat transfer from latest heat exchangers

High heat transfer capacities, along with increased surface area, reduced fouling and ease of maintenance are the driving forces in heat exchanger technology development and use. Sean Ottewell reports

Chemical cleaning for heat exchangers

Innovative chemical cleaning service will prolong life of oil and gas industry heat exchangers

Heat exchangers to provide efficient gas cooling solution

The units are being used to cool recovered high temperature, high pressure flare gas to knock out liquids and improve gas compressor efficiency across three refineries

In-row heat exchanger for cabinet cooling in containment systems

Pentair has extended its IT infrastructure portfolio with a new series of air/water heat exchangers

Correct application is key to heat exchanger choice

Modern heat exchangers have to be compact, durable, easily installed and simple to maintain. They also must be the right solution in the right place. Eugene McCarthy reports

Flexible cooling with shell-and-tube heat exchangers

The oil-water cooler BNZ from R+L Hydraulics is designed for cooling oil hydraulics systems, gearboxes and compressors

Foam offers superior heat exchange and impact absorption

Foam is made by sand casting, which allows the exact form of the foam to be determined before its manufacture

Exhaust gas heat exchanger for 1Mw engines

EJ Bowman has extended its range of exhaust gas heat exchangers with its new type 15 unit which is capable of recovering waste energy from engines rated up to 1 Mw

Select the correct heating for process application

Selecting the correct heating for a process application used to mean only one thing ... shell and tube or plate heat exchange

Efficiency focus on heat exchangers

With users from oil and gas companies to the food industry demanding greater efficiency from their heat exchangers, manufacturers are having to rise to the challenge. Sean Ottewell report

Fouling and corrosion tackled by new heat exchangers

Sean Ottewell reports on the latest high-pressure spiral heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers that are designed to reduce fouling and cut corrosion




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