Simplifying motion integration

Thomson’s new motorised lead screws available from Heason Technology

Solution for uncomplicated open-loop motion control

Heason adds Kollmorgen’s new PMX series hybrid steppers to motor range

Focused in-flight

Nanomotion’s autofocussing stage provides dynamic performance in extreme environment

One-piece direct-drive motion solution

New brushless torque motor features integrated servo drive with encoder feedback

Gear unit range brings increased performance

Spinea’s TwinSpin high precision gear reducer is improved with new G-series

Servomotors bridge gap between stepper and induction motors

New Kollmorgen VLM series servomotors from Heason Technology suit value conscious applications

Air bearing positioning system

High-stiffness/ultra-smooth bearing system has a space saving shuttle design that features a high-speed linear brushless servomotor

Motion and machine controllers

Delta Tau Geo Brick LV family is available from Heason Technology supplied with eight user configurable 250W drives

Linear actuator range is adaptable and flexible

Based on extruded profile housing with T-slots, multi-axis actuator mounting, optional limit switches and customer fixtures




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