Metocean conditions assessment completed

BMT Argoss has recently completed an assessment of metocean conditions to support Energean’s Prinos and Epsilon oil field developments in the Gulf of Kavala

Future-proofing our gas networks

Dr Stephanie Bell tackles the problem of humidity

Improving pipeline efficiency

New pipe bevel measurement tool that can help deliver improved weld quality and superior pipeline integrity

Corrosion removal: your flexible friend

A flexible cylinder hone can play a critical role in oil and gas maintenance operations

Floating an idea

Simon Rooks explains the level of cooperation and the technical design that have gone into building a huge new conceptual FPSO

Dropped objects lead to safety review

Best practices guidebook is inspiring safety hazard management initiatives

Safety: When the stakes are high

Jeff Dalgleish on choosing and using fall protection for challenging environments

New corrosion-resistance solution

Protective shell that guards Oxifree’s TM198 thermoplastic coating from abrasion and impact damage

Corrosion detection: what lies beneath?

Jonathan Douglas reveals a new sensor and modelling technique being developed to detect corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Biggest ballistic glass test cell delivered

The 8m x 8m x 8m high-pressure test cell will be used to test offshore equipment

Protection beyond the pipeline

Tim Arridge reports on cyber and insider threats to the oil and gas industry

Eliminating leading or lagging power factor

AccuSine PCS+ is a flexible, high performance, cost-effective solution for stabilising electrical networks by providing harmonic mitigation, power factor correction and load balancing

Video borescopes for remote visual inspection

Ability to inspect the interior of engines, turbines, pumps, motors, tubing and pipelines without costly disassembly

Camera scans large areas remotely

FLIR camera helps oil and gas producer reduce emissions and saves money

Efficient hydraulics for maritime applications

For maximum performance of the ship’s engine a durable, high-tech hydraulic system is needed that is capable of withstanding high working pressures in the saline environment

Fire and hazard training

XTREME Industrial Fire & Hazard Training School to be held in September in France

A question of balance

Andrea Masala reports on efficient balancing of active magnetic bearing–supported rotors

Exploring obsolescence management

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how the oil and gas industry can manage the spiralling issue of equipment obsolescence

Exploring obsolescence management

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how the oil and gas industry can manage the spiralling issue of equipment obsolescence

Why is high dielectric strength now a key driver in power tube specification?

As multi-sector technological developments continue to demand smaller parts with higher performance and improved longevity, Joerg-Uwe Wichert, explores why specifying power tubes with an increased dielectric strength is becoming increasingly important in high-voltage applications, particularly at high temperatures





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