Intrinsically safe calibrator and communicator

Offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals

Protecting pipe supports in the field

Pipe supports can now benefit from Oxifree’s solution for corrosion protection and integrity maintenance

Feld display of flow rates and totals

Flow totaliser for use in the oil and gas, metals and mining, water and wastewater, chemical, power, food and beverage, pulp and paper, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries

Know your adversary

Adam Vincent looks at cyber threat intelligence for the oil and gas industry

A bright outlook

Jim Menard reveals how offshore rigs can boost performance by adopting hyperlocal weather forecasting technology

Clever connectivity

Olmo Castaneira Rios and Davinder Harcharan Singh describe how rugged and reliable communications tools enable oil and gas exploration

Problem-solving decom tool

Designed to recover concrete mattresses that have been installed extensively in oil and gas fields to protect subsea piping

The key to safer working

Allan Ralston discusses how technological innovation can unlock health & safety and operational benefits

Actuators deployed in India

Sarah Kellett reveals how intelligent electro-hydraulic ROSOV actuators were specified for a tank farm expansion project

Pipeline services portfolio

Wanja Galewsky and Ramiz Selimbasic introduce a range of new services with multiple benefits for pipeline operators

Fluid dynamics

Vincent Lagarrigue and Nicolas Landriere on rethinking oil transfer solution analysis, selection and maintenance

Smarter approach to preventing corrosion

Ken Rossy reveals how challenging production environments have called for an evolution of rust prevention and corrosion maintenance strategies

Knowing the drill

Louise Smyth meets a former drilling engineer who is encouraging the sector to embrace innovative – and far more efficient – new technology

Deeper underground

6,000ft borehole drilled with support of compact solids control system

Efficient engines embraced by market

Brian Breaux explores how an engine expert is encouraging the oil & gas industry to adopt the latest in green engine technology

Coatings for containment systems

Exploring a monolithic-coating based approach to primary and secondary containment in the field

How to select coatings to optimise component performance

The case for application of coatings that reduce the whole-lifecycle cost of components, plant and equipment. Andrew Courtney reports

High flow volume/filter booster

Reduced material and labour costs and simplifies positioned set up and control

Thermoplastic coating makes maintenance more affordable

Oxifree TM198 is an organic thermoplastic coating which lasts several years

Steps to the smart grid

Adrian Kimberley discusses the changing methods of energy generation and the infrastructure investments required to successfully implement these technologies





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