Elastomers: market set to grow to $34.73bn in 2021

High-performance and product differentiation critical for success, says Frost & Sullivan

Increased activity in multiple end-use industries rejuvenates global PLC market

Enhance efficiency, comply with regulations as well as improve safety and control capabilities are driving the uptake of PLCs

Grid flexibility crucial to integrate renewables in Europe

Supported by smart functionalities and grid interconnections, decentralised energy generation will alleviate the region’s power woes

Frost & Sullivan award goes to cavity pump expert

Global Product Leadership Award in Progressive Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas bestowed on Netzsch

Not enough being done to promote renewable energy options

Industry experts say UK government must give more support to Renewable Heat Incentive

Demand for tidal, hydro-electric and wind turbines fuels bearings' revenues

Europe's plan to raise the share of renewable energy in its energy consumption mix is expected to boost the solar, bio-fuel, wind, tidal and hydro-electric energy sectors

Burning coal has suddenly become popular once again

As European gas is still largely supplied through long-term contracts where the price is linked to the price of oil, the price difference between coal and gas in the European market has become ever larger, making European utilities eager consumers of coal

Higher energy efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling attracts non-residential segments

The technology's small carbon footprint finds favour among environmentally-conscious end users

Regulations compel industries to implement safety instrumented systems

End users’ desire for greater control over production processes increases adoption of SISs in Europe, finds Frost & Sullivan

Key trends and revised growth forecast for the renewable energy generation market

Market power expected to gradually shift to emerging regions, says New Annual Renewable Energy Outlook 2013

Price sensitivity prompts innovations in printed electronics

High production volumes are critical to justify investment in the technology, says Frost & Sullivan

Wireless power transmission makes electronic devices truly mobile

Vendors need to address issues relating to efficiency, charging distance and user's convenience to achieve widespread adoption

Need to reduce fuel consumption of ships drives demand for marine coatings

Stringent environmental regulations to boost appeal of high-value, eco-friendly coatings, says Frost and Sullivan

Legislation and technology improvements to illuminate world LED lighting markets

Analysts Frost and Sullivan forecast a massive growth: from three to 23 billion by 2018

Innovations illuminate the global organic light-emitting diode market

Self-emissive features give organic light-emitting diodes a significant competitive edge over other displays

RFID: Ability to provide critical business intelligence augments customer interest

Information and business intelligence offered by active RFID technology is expected to enhance growth prospects in various end-user verticals

The future of power plant services lies in emerging economies

Fastest growing regions of China, India and ASEAN to account for almost quarter of the market by 2017, but China will not overtake the USA before 2025

Use of plastics in electric vehicles: jump in market revenues to $73m

The advantages of plastics, particularly that of lightweight, will drive penetration rates and growth

Integrated motors and drives: compact and solutions to power the European market

High initial costs and low-cost competition pose a serious challenge to market prospects, says Frost and Sullivan

Opportunities in the European market for stationary fuel cells

Research from Frost and Sullivan's suggests that the European market for stationary fuel cells will see very rapid growth over the next eight years





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