Preventing inadvertent machinery start-up

Adaptor ensures the key cannot be turned and left in place, inadvertently re-starting machinery

Interlock switches for high purity applications

Fortress Interlocks has launched a new range of rugged stainless steel interlock switches for high purity applications such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing

Controlling access to hazardous machinery and equipment

tGard is a metal-bodied safety system that enables the configuration of various safety products including electrical safety gate switches

Explosion protected safety switch key station

Designed to release keys which can be used to control mechanical door locks that provide access to machinery and process lines

Stainless steel access interlocks designs for hygienic areas

New to the Fortress Interlocks range of access interlocks is the stainless steel DMSK unit that is manufactured from stainless steel with a design that avoids dirt traps




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