Flow meters: stay in control

Direct mass flow meter enhances close ratio control of natural gas and air feeds in combined cycle gas turbines

Flow meter for municipal water disinfection

Suitable for cramped chlorination system equipment areas where other meters fail

Flow meters for air/gas bubble con

ST50 and ST100 Air/Gas Mass Flow Meters from Fluid Components International provide high accuracy with virtually no maintenance

Cutting the costs of safety with wireless leak detection

Powerful, robust wireless leak detection solutions are bringing new levels of safety and functionality to the oil and gas industries. Sean Ottewell reports

Air/gas flow meter for wastewater biogas digester systems

Methane gas flow measurement from anaerobic digesters is a challenge because of the wet, dirty nature of biogas

Air/gas mass flow meter with dual averaging

Suitable for chemical, electric power generation, food and beverage, oil and gas, water and wastewater treatment

Level sensors for liquid, gas and foam applications

Suitable for boiler systems, burners and industrial furnaces, chillers, air and gas compressors, blowers and dryers, co-gen power generators

Thermal mass flowmeter for small line processes in hazardous areas

Suitable for co-gen electric power turbines, food/beverage chillers, heat-treating systems, speciality chemicals




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